It’s all well and good listening to music that makes you think as if you are floating away and into something better, but sometimes you’ve got to violate your ears in the most pleasurable way possible. Something loud is needed. Not the kind that makes your ears bleed, but the kind that makes you glad you’re breathing. You dig? Alright.

I don’t need to write some bullshit prose as to why you must get yourself turned onto Popstrangers; their music justifies fully why you need them in your life. However, it’s 11.10pm on a Friday night and I’ve spent my evening re-writing my CV and applying for jobs. All I want to do is fall asleep, but it won’t happen. Instead I’m finding bands that are waking up the dead parts of me. Popstrangers are doing that. They’re doing it better than most. I function when I’m really tired, but I feel this may turn into some awful rant. I’m going to try stay on track, but my attention span is all over the place. I’m not saying sorry for it. It adds a bit excitement to my mundane life.

Popstrangers are three exceptionally talented guys from Auckland. I’m not a fan of New Zealand for one reason only- my best friend moved there a few years ago, and I now only see her once a year. Aside from that, I’ve got nothing against the place at all. So let’s discuss music.

I firmly believe that, when you find a band that play with such heart and passion- you fast find yourself loving them with all you have. That’s why I believe music writers need to stop being silly you know? I don’t care if you hate a band, I want to hear about what you love. There’s enough negativity in the world; please don’t add to it. Music writers or anyone else. Just don’t be that asshole who carries around negative vibes.

This is why I adore Popstrangers. They play with such heart and it’s almost like a riot brewing in their music. The force and brutality are enough to make you want to throw stuff around your room and tell everyone to go fuck themselves, but as I’m a peaceful person- that won’t be happening. Although, I did nearly throw my phone into the road this afternoon. Stupid piece of shit. But, yes. Popstrangers have this ability to make you want to brawl or something. I’m a calm person, so feeling like this is new to me. It’s an alien concept but one I am enjoying because the music is just amazing.

So these three guys mix this out of this world dreamy feel with something noisy and bold. You think “Oh this cannot be!” But it’s real, and it exists. It’s heavenly and wonderful. To find fault in it would just make you entirely silly. Don’t be that person. If you don’t like it; move along and find something else.

The ferocious guitars, the furious drums and the feral bass sends you wild. It makes you shut your eyes and just go somewhere. I can’t tell you where it takes you, you’ve got to make that journey on your own. But when you get there, you’ll never want to leave. That’s the power of music; it makes you feel things you never thought you could. And it takes you places no plane could ever take you. It’s a magical journey that feeds the soul.

Their new song, Heaven is just gorgeous. It is one of the best songs around. It is hypnotising and soothing. It makes you feel like you are on some ethereal trip. Utterly divine.

Everything about Popstrangers is why I care so much about music. They make the kind of music that makes the most passionate person overwhelmed with emotion because it is THAT good. Hell..the word “good” doesn’t do this band justice. I think I’ve rambled. I’m sorry for that, but my love for Popstrangers? I cannot say I’m sorry about that. It’s the kind of love that stays with you. I’m hooked, in every way possible.

You can listen to their sounds right here : http://popstrangers.bandcamp.com/

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