Rainy Milo.


Kind of getting annoyed with a lot of female singers trying to be like other female singers that aren’t that good, you know? They use auto-tune because they can’t hold a tune. The same redundant and plain lyrics every single time. I know that some people like this; some people think songs about getting drunk in a club are actually of worth and have depth. But hey, each to their own. I’d rather hear something dark and a bit creepy. You can make of that what you want. You may be wrong though.

Rainy Milo is a fantastic singer from London. Yeah I know, roll your eyes and think “Oh another one.” But not this time. Rainy not only has a beautiful name; but a truly beautiful and heartbreaking voice. When you can hear the pain and every emotion in a singer’s voice, that’s when you truly connect to them.

Age isn’t important (unless you want to buy things that need ID) so we don’t need to mention that. No idea how old Rainy is, but she gives you that same feeling Amy Winehouse gave you when you first heard her. How can someone so young have such a powerful voice?! When I try to sing, I sound like I am..well, doing anything but singing. Rainy’s songs are easy to relate t. It doesn’t matter who or what you are; you’ll identify with her songs. She’ll make you feel like you’ve found someone who is telling your story. You can’t get the words out, but she can. She does it in a way that you wish you could. Keep trying, you’ll get there.

Come Up And See Me is so so beautiful. Rainy’s vocals are so pure and heartfelt on this song. You give yourself over to the song, and you put yourself in her position. You take the pain in the song, and you truly feel it. Rainy just has an exquisite and passionate voice, this really cannot be said for so many around. She’s got something different to offer so err..don’t be stupid and TAKE IT.

You can listen to her stunning music right here : http://soundcloud.com/rainymilo

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