Chains Of Love.


Love and lust. Pain and pleasure. Vulnerability and strength. They’re all quite similar. Eventually one takes over the other, then it takes over you. Lust can mentally cripple you. But love, love can destroy you. To want just one person that you’ve wanted for some time, eventually you have to turn yourself away from the whole thing. Eventually. But you’ll never know when. You resent yourself, and you want the ground to swallow you up. Or you just want that person to get it, but they never do. So you ferry yourself off, walk blindly. But don’t give yourself away. So what do you do? Hey, when you know can you tell me? Thanks.

Or you could do what I do. Throw yourself into as much music as you can. Let someone elses words tell it all for you. Let a piece of music get it all out of your system. I think sometimes, we take on more than we think we can deal with. I know this all too well. I’m so sure I can handle everything on my own. We all burn out eventually though, right? It has to happen. Destroy and rebuild.

But for all the ugliness in us, there has to be something of worth waiting to crawl out. I’ve been waiting for some time. I have no idea where my patience comes from. Like I said, I use music. So I should stop this part, and go towards what matters.

Chains Of Love are a band that as usual, I know nothing about. All I know is that, from first listen I fell in love with them. Any band that mixes Garage rock with some kind of 60s girl group/Wall Of Sound is perfect. Well, perfect for me anyway.

Chains Of Love may make you feel sad, but that’s okay. Not the kind of sadness that makes you want to curl up in a ball and never leave your home. The kind of sadness that just makes you want to reach out to the band and say, “It’s alright..I’ve felt that way too.” You feel a connection with them because they make all the heartache they sing about so believable. When you believe in a band, you relate. When you relate, you feel part of it. That’s the soulful part of them coming through so beautiful. This is the kind of band Phil Spector would love to work with, obviously if he wasn’t in prison. If I was a producer or was musically talented, Chains Of Love would easily be at the top of my list of bands to be involved with.

I’m just utterly in awe of how they have merged two things I love, and made it sound so perfect. There’s only one other band that have done this. Yes, Dum Dum Girls. You know how much I love them. I think it is obvious how much I totally adore and admire Dee Dee. Chains Of Love make you feel like you are in the 60s at some disco for lovers and heartbreakers.

The drum breakdown in He’s Leaving (With Me) is enough to send me into some kind of internal frenzy. You are easily enthralled by Chains Of Love. What I want to know is; why aren’t they huge? Why aren’t they stealing hearts and taking over the airwaves? Why? I just feel a lot of love towards this band. I know I’ve given you no information about this band. Why must I? I just want you to read this pathetic piece on them and go listen to them yourself. Go on, you’re much better off that way. If you love 60s girl groups and Garage rock then you will probably (and hopefully) fall in love with Chains Of Love.

Please please get yourself a copy of Strange Grey Days. Personally, I feel it is the “hidden treasure” of this year. I know a lot of amazing music has come out this year, but Strange Grey Days is like when you find something by accident in a record store, and it changes everything for you. Chains Of Love are easily one of my highlights of this year, easily.

You can listen to their wonderful sounds here :

Instant nostalgia and a wealth of love just consume you as you listen to their music. Truly truly beautiful.

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