Cold Showers.


The hardest thing anyone can do, is care. When you feel utterly vacant and ruined inside- being able to care is something that is beyond you. You find comfort in things others may not understand. A lack of understanding can drag you through. And to hell with those who say you are wrong. You find yourself leading some kind of double life, to spare those from the truth. Such as, you act together and fine to avoid all questions. You nod, you smile, you carry on. Alone, in your room you play the songs that you yearn to save you because nothing else can. We all get desperate, and we don’t know when we’ve hit rock bottom. But you learn what matters when you hit it. Turns out, nothing actually matters. Everything is disposable and you will soon decay. Miserable thought isn’t it? But, it’s the truth. One day we will be dust and not even a memory. Some of us are that now, and still breathing. So with all this, and the weight of the world on your shoulders and every ugly pressure imaginable on your back- what do you do? What can you do? You try, and for what? Your best isn’t enough. How you are isn’t enough. You get tough, and they hate you even more than they did when you weren’t. Shut off. Fade out. Start again. On your own, because maybe..that’s all your good for.

Then you listen to a band.

A band that hold all the worth you never could be. Those specks of dust you know that you are suddenly mean less to you because you’ve found a band to fucking love. You’ve found a band that nail down everything you feel, and more. You don’t have much control so you seek it in other things. You’re constantly told you are wrong, but the music makes you believe you are right. So who do you believe? You believe those with the passion and the heart. You believe in the band. That band is, Cold Showers. One of the finest bands to come out of LA in a while, trust me.

Searching for information about this band is quite a task. Google taught me how to have a good cold shower, and why people have them. I knew this already (easy now.) But I can tell you now that you really don’t need to look anything up about Cold Showers. All you need to know is that they make music that is good for the soul.

You cannot change much, and I firmly believe you should never want to change a person. If you care for someone, you shouldn’t want to change them. If you feel you must change them, please please leave them alone. Just leave them be. You go your way, and hopefully that person will see you were useless and they will go listen to Cold Showers.

Cold Showers have that amazing euphoric feel to their music that is found in one of the greats- Spiritualized. You must never trust someone who doesn’t see how much of a genius Jason Pierce is. Well, I could be wrong because let’s face it, most people are shit. You can lump me in that category. But, I do believe Jason Pierce is the God of this kind of style you know? The way he can break your heart but take you to some place free of pain and misery with just one line. I have always been in awe of him. The same gut feeling hit me as I listened to Cold Showers. Granted they do not have that grand sound that Spiritualized have, Cold Showers go about it in a different way. A way that I cannot really put into words, because if I tried I would truly fuck it up and make this all sound much worse than it already does. I can only apologise for how scattered and awful my words are. I’d say it won’t happen again; but I do it every time. A habit that I will never break.

For me, Cold Showers just have everything I love about music. Some seek happy lyrics that mean nothing over the same sickening instrumental. No thank you. No, just no. Not for me. I want to hear something that makes me feel something. Sure I can feel ugly feelings all by myself, but when a band can drag it out of you and throw you into a state of “I just don’t care no more, do what you want.” And you let go of everything, that’s when you know you have found a band that truly mean the world and more to you. We all want things and people that we cannot and will not ever have; so you might as well just leave it all behind. It’s easier when nothing matters. But, Cold Showers matter because they transport you into an underworld where no one can do anything to you. You fall into some kind of dream, you don’t have to wake up if you don’t want to. Let them take you, and carry you. Away. Far away.


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