2:54- Sugar (video.)

“Unfamiliar territory gets the best of me.”

I have to be super quick with this because my bus is in 10 minutes and I’m not a fast walker.

Right, you know how much I am in love with 2:54 right? You know their record is my favourite of the year? Since May I have had it on constant repeat. Every song moves me in ways no other band can do. They warm my bones and blow my mind. I love love LOVE them. I’ve been in love with them for the 2 years of so. Creeping, the original version felt like a wave of euphoria take me over. This happened multiple times as I played their debut record. I felt alive. I felt so much, and I still.


New single is my favourite track off the record, Sugar. I play the record when I’m at the gym and abusing the rowing machine. Sugar always makes me go faster and nearly break stuff. Including myself. I realised recently that Sugar would be an amazing lap-dancing song wouldn’t it? I have my pervy/weird moments, this song brings it out fully. Colette’s vocals on this track are perfect. It’s like she is seducing you and you can imagine her staring at you with prowling eyes..getting deep into your soul. Taking you over. It’s not just Colette that does that to you. Throughout the whole album Joel, Alex and Hannah take you over. This song is a prime example of it; and all the more reason for you to go buy the record.

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