Mammal Hum.

I honestly have no idea what I’m listening to. All I know is that it is utterly bizarre and bloody good. Thing is, most things that are bit mental and strange are usually the best. No good has ever come from being like everyone else or being a dull so and so. When you act like everyone else you hate yourself because you’re not staying true to yourself.

I’m fairly confident I love Mammal Hum because they’re a really good Northern band. They’re also on Mollusc Records; a label that I fully back. They put out some stunning music, and you should go listen to it all. ALL of it.

So, Mammal Hum are from Hull. There’s four of them; and they make a lot of noise. Not the kind of noise you’ll turn off, but the kind that lures you in. Creeps up slowly, gets louder and louder. Before you know it, you’ve found your new favourite band.

Some of their songs are like euphoric chants and some of their songs are like a swaying lullaby. Think Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes goes on a camping trip to the North of England..and this happens. Their music is utterly beautiful. With a few insane moments. You cannot ever have one without the others (this appeals to most things in life.)

What I love is that you can hear the influence of each member in their music. You know about my love for Warpaint don’t you? I love them because you hear crazy layers and you can hear the input of each member. This is why I’ve got a lot of love for Mammal Hum. There’s a HUGE community feel to their music. You know they are in their own world when they play, but you also feel part of it. There aren’t many bands that manage to do this nowadays. You sometimes feel partially segregated, but when you find a band that make you feel part of it all and make you come alive; that’s when you know you have found something truly of worth.

Initially this was meant to be a review but I am honestly useless at writing reviews for my own site. If it’s for someone else I’m okay. So I’ve basically turned this into a declaration of my love for Mammal Hum.

They have a folk feel (but not in that annoying Mumford & Sons/Laura Marling way) and they also take you on some psychedelic trip. You feel totally lucid and as if you have no control over your limbs and mind. Sometimes that’s bloody good thing.

Mammal Hum have a record coming out, What’s Behind Us Is Not Important out on 17th September via Mollusc Records. You should buy it.

You can find out more about the band, and the other artists on the label at :

Mammal Hunt take you back in time and throw you fast into the future. They mess with your head, and you cannot help but enjoy every second of it.

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