Ali Koehler-Not Like Me.

Growing up is a drag. I’m 25 and I know I have more growing up to do, and I hate it. I don’t want to be this, I don’t want to be that. But sometimes you are fortunate enough to hear a song that eases the pains of growing up you know?

Ali Koehler is one of the best drummers around. Her, Stella from Warpaint and Sandy from Dum Dum Girls are my favourite drummers. Ech plays with utter heart and passion. Ali also makes music that just oozes the same passion and heart.

Not Like Me is self-deprecating, and as someone who believes it is better for me to be cruel about myself before someone else gets there first; I am in love with this song, and I can relate a lot to the lyrics.

It’s the kind of song I want to play to my nephew and tell him to not be a sensitive mess like his Auntie when he grows up you know? If I can stop someone from having the same traits as me, then I’ve done something well. Maybe? I’m not sure.

Not Like Me is only a minute and a half long. Despite this, it is a truly beautiful song. I love the way Ali has written something so delicate and vulnerable. It honestly makes you want to take her out for a beer and tell her she’s fucking wonderful. We all need that sometimes. I’m probably going to call this as one of my favourite things to have happened this year.

Sure the general topic of the song may be slightly dark, but we need it. It is important to have that balance. Not Like Me is fragile and pure. I cannot praise it enough. It is so honest and open. If you cannot relate, you have no heart. Don’t be scared.

You can listen to it here :

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