Tropic Of Cancer.

Life can be a form of torture, life can be a piece of heaven. God days, bad days. One second can make you hopeless or hopeful. One person can become your world. One person can ruin your world. Lean on music, and you’ll be fine. Personal opinion. I can be wrong, I can be right. There’s freedom, you just have to find it. I don’t know how you go about this; maybe it just hits you. You can be free whilst sitting alone. You can be free just wandering along the beach. Don’t sacrifice yourself for something that may not last. Sin and do not apologise. Do bad things; do good things. Be the shit on someone’s shoe. Be an angel to the one you love. Listen to Tropic Of Cancer.

Tropic Of Cancer make robotic and eerie sounds for those who aren’t afraid to be scared and feel emotions that are regarded as “dark.” You should never shy away from ugly feelings because when they return; they return with a sick vengeance. It’s better to face something daunting straight away than letting it consume you. But, it depends on the person you are. Some can deal, some card. There’s no right or wrong.

LA has done it again with giving us something truly incredible. Tropic Of Cancer are ethereal with a slight hint of menace to the music. It is everything I love about music. I love music that scares me in some ways, I’m strange like that. I’ll never be able to explain it. I never want to try. It can all be summed up in the music.

I want to write more than this about Tropic Of Cancer because everything about them is what music needs. You don’t always get what you want, and you sometimes ignore what you need. But you need Tropic Of Cancer in your life, so don’t ignore it. It wouldn’t be right.

A moody atmosphere takes over as you listen to Tropic Of Cancer, it’s probably why I love them so much. The fact that it is just one person making this astounding music is also mind-blowing. Camella is a genius. She truly, truly is. If you are wanting music that is created from the depths of the soul and touches every part of you like some kind of outer-body experience then Tropic Of Cancer are for you. Make them yours.

Get their sounds here:

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