Sun Kin-Good Feels.

“I bet you think I am cruel.”

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while in the hopes this review writes itself. Not because what I’m listening to is awful, far from it. I cannot find the words to describe such a beautiful record. But, I’m going to try. Sun Kin blew my mind when I first heard them a few months back. Now they’ve put out a record, Good Feels and my love seems to have blossomed.

Good Feels is full of all the good feelings music should give you. Alright sure you may not feel like you are on some lucid trip. You don;t always need that. Sometimes you just need to feel as if your body is leaving you, and floating away. That’s a pretty special thing to get from music. You see, a lot of music seems to be quite soulless of late. But you always find a band that mean more than most. A band with so much heart, soul and passion; they make it easy for you to forget your surroundings. Sometimes you just need that. There’s an art to acceptance and carrying on. A band can help with this, Sun Kin do that.

My favourite track off Good Feels is Rust. Lyrically, I can pretty much relate to that now.

All the songs make me feel less shit with not doing anything of worth with my life. Sun Kill are though. They make music that is beautiful and 100% for the soul. You just need to be reminded of it sometimes you know? It’s alright to be pissed off. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Sun Kin have some of New York’s finest on this record from Oliver (Ghost Pal) to Daniel Kolpin (Hooves.) The record was also mixed and mastered by Oliver. So you know, it is fair to say that this record is nothing short of perfect.

Kabir and James are just wonderful musicians who are an absolute credit to not just the New York music scene, but to music in general. They make music that makes you believe. They make music that is soothing and delicate. Yet it is enough to carry you through. They are the essence of Summer and a band that you NEED in your collection. Their lyrics are pure poetry and the music is sheer magic.

You can check the record out here :

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