Cat Sized Panda.


If a band/singer has a strange name, I’ll probably love them. If they make music that also sounds a bit strange, I’ll love them even more. I don’t understand people who limit themselves to one genre of music. Do you have ANY idea on what you’re missing out on? Sometimes I really hate going to sleep because I just want to stay awake and find new music. To any bands that have a “YOUR SONG HAD 69408409 HITS AT 3AM” that was probably me. When I can’t sleep, that is what I do. I look for new music. I know I should be looking for a paid job (actually during the day, that is what I causes me to hate myself so I wait for the evening so I can do this.) Finding new music or being sent new music makes me happy. When a band/singer emails me or something with their music, it makes me happy. And most think I’m miserable! (I’m not, I’ve just got an unfortunate I’ve said many times before, I’m trying to change it.)

Alright, so some new music. Cat Sized Panda makes music that makes you feel like you are drifting. What you are drifting to- or even from is..well, I don’t know. That’s up to you. Start the journey the same as ever, but I cannot give you the destination kid. His music makes you feel weightless and spaced out. Do you want comparisons? I cannot give you one. But if you like Boards Of Canada and Burial, you should hopefully dig Cat Sized Panda. Like he said to me, “to be honest I find it difficult to place what I do into a specific genre.” And it is true, as I listen to the tracks on his bandcamp page I find it impossible to find where you’d place his music. This is a good thing, a bloody good thing. You see, when you listen to a piece of music and no part of you understands what it is- that’s when you know you’ve found something truly special. A lot of the music I listen to can probably be classed as “weird” but with Cat Sized Panda, I’d just call it beautiful.

Personally, I wouldn’t listen to his music whilst doing stuff such as putting the bins out or whatever. This is the kind of music you play on the night-bus or when you’re alone in your room just searching for some depth to whatever it maybe or when you just need to go for a walk and get outside of your own head for a while. Listen to it alone and through headphones.

A lot of bands will say “Oh this is experimental what we do.” GOOD. All music should be experimental so I won’t disrespect Cat Sized Panda by saying he’s experimental. I’m just going to say that this is exciting music. This is music that you need. This guy will get you through. There’s no words in his music, and as someone who is obsessed with lyrics- I find this to be equally as moving and heartfelt as I do towards a Morrissey song. You don’t always need words to reach hearts and make people listen.

Please please head over to his bandcamp page : and just enjoy.

My personal favourite so far is the Fallen EP. Bollocks to it..the man is a friggin’ genius!

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