The Strange Boys.

“That way chase everything,  aches you and it aches me.”

There comes a time in someone’s life where they just denounce everything and all around them. Sort of like, “FUCK THIS. FUCK THAT. FUCK YOU. FUCK THEM. FUCK ME. NO MORE.” Something like that happens. I think it happens to me once a week. It happened to me today. I’ve spent most of the day asleep or listening to the radio. I also have a headache, but that’s highly irrelevant. So, as this a day where I pretty much want to punch my reflection and sleep it off until it feels right- I might aswell try write. Write to live (fucks sake) and write as a distraction. Play music that makes you feel like you’re sat in the basement of the band in question, watching them play. It’ll all come alive. I can feel it right now. Either that, or my headache is getting worse. Or I’m just getting worse, as a person. Alright so let’s expose these ugly feelings and channel them into something else. You ready? Ahh fuck it. You’re probably reading something about rainbows and cats now anyway.

The Strange Boys. They’re fucking awesome, and if I can find it in me to do so- I’m going to try tell you why they are. Obviously you could just go listen to them, and you’ll find out they are all by yourself. When you first listen to them (and it happened the first time I did) I automatically thought they were from the 60s. I listened a bit more, looked the band up..they formed in 2001. And in 2009, the changed the line-up a wee bit. Regardless of past and present members, they’ve consistently made music that makes you feel like you should be drinking whiskey straight from a bottle in some dingy bar. This is the kind of music I love. Music that puts in a real rough place. I don’t mean in an emotional way. Oh no. I mean music that makes you feel you are in the roughest bar possible. A true dive bar, you know? That’s the best. The songs don’t have to hold spiritual and deep meaning. They just need to wake something up. I’m starting to feel right again.

So when they formed in 2001, there was only three of them and they were a Punk band. When you listen to them now, they still have that vibe. But they’re more Garage rock now. They combine both, which is probably why I love them so much. The new line-up signed a deal with one of the most influential and powerful labels EVER- Rough Trade. Their second (Be Brave) and third record (Live Music, came out October 2011) were both released on the label. For me, I think I still hold a lot of love towards their first record, The Strange Boys And Girls Club which was released back in 2009. There’s something about that debut record that makes it very hard for the listener to believe that it is a new band. How could a band make music like that? It belongs in the 60s. And because it has such an old feel to it, you love it even more.

I’ve got to say, my favourite track EVER by the band has to be Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up. If you’ve ever been in trouble with someone, and most of us have- you’ll probably relate to it. Failing that, you’ll just want to drink a lot of whiskey. Whiskey and The Strange Boys go well together. Or if you’re poor like me, tea works just as well. Go for tea, save the whiskey for a better time.

I wanted to make this super long and just continuously praise the band, but I don’t need to do that. The music truly speaks for itself. Three albums into their career, and I think it is safe to say that The Strange Boys are one of the best bands around. I mean, no one is else making music like this. No one else is making it as delicate as them. Most just want to make it brutal but without anything to back it up. The Strange Boys aren’t like that. Alright sure some tracks are brutal but the thing is, you believe in it. It’s dangerous but enough for you to believe in. And we live in a world where our beliefs are tested every day. Believe in music, it won’t let you down.

*I still have the “FUCK EVERYTHING” thing going on, but since listening to The Strange Boys when I wasn’t napping today- I think they’ve made it easier. So the lads cure boredem and whatnot.

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