Idiot Wind.

As much as I love music that makes me feel like I am being smacked about the face and having my insides ripped out. There is a part of me  that enjoys music that is a bit tranquil. Music that is opposite to what I usually listen to. I don’t favour genres, I just like music that sounds quite brutal at times. What I have accidentally just exposed my ears to is easily one of the most stunning voices I have heard in a long time.

I love singers such as Cat Power and Feist. Singers that truly use their own voice as the main instrument. Anything else is just an addition. Their voices carry them. As gentle as their voices are, it is enough to stop you in your tracks and just listen. Their voices are so delicate. Every song echoes in your ear as a story you wish you told. But you take it all in. Sure your heart breaks because it is such a beautiful moment, but it doesn’t really matter because all that matters is that moment where you feel so bloody alive as this gentle piece of music takes you over.

So who is responsible for doing this to me on this grim and boring Tuesday evening? Idiot Wind. Before Idiot Wind she was known as Hajen and Jaw Lesson..I think? Her real name is Amanda. But for now, you can get to know her as Idiot Wind. Despite these various alias, her voice has always been a constant. Her voice is so angelic. You treasure every single word. You fall in love with her voice straight away. I honestly don’t recall the last time I heard a voice like this that just captivated me straight away. She has the same vulnerability in her voice like one of my main inspiritations- Cat Power. I have no idea who Idiot Wind has ever been likened to, but I think the only suitable artist is Cat Power. Both have that darkness in their voice that is haunting but at times you are blessed with sounds so pure and delicate.

When you hear something that is so innocent and honest, you feel part of it. You feel as if it was meant for you. Most bands and singers that I am in love with have been found by accidents. So when someone says to you, “you’ll have an accident doing that!” Don’t sweat it, it’s totally fine. Good things come from accidents (unless your nose or something falls off!)

Her debut album is coming out this year, and her debut EP was released a few years ago I think. She fully backs the theory that any band or singer from Sweden is pretty much incredible. Swedish bands seem to posses so much emotion in their music, creating such an atmospheric vibe without having to overproduce or play over the top riffs in order to amaze you. They posses such a basic quality that makes you connect. It is just you and them. That’s all you need. Simple things are sometimes all you need. Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan song, taken from Blood On The Tracks) creates music from the heart and just elevates your soul. Passionate, stripped back and soulful. She deserves your attention.

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