Religious Knives.

Everything lovely in life has a darkness underneath it. The most frail of voices have a big, creepy sound underneath it. Every good-looking person has a less fortunate looking person after them (beauty and the beast..I’m the beast. Who’s with me?! No? Alright then.) Look, I don’t know where these words are coming from. I don’t even know why I am writing them. I guess it’s because in person, I have not much to say. However, shit like this- I can have as many ramblings as I can physically handle. My mind is telling me to stop. My body is all “KEEP FUCKING TYPING ASSHOLE.” So type I will. I think the music I am listening to is encouraging me too. Just so you know, I’m not on drugs. Not unless you class a cup of tea as a drug. Anyway. My only habit in life is napping. And other things. Nothing too wild. I’ll learn to be outrageous one day. Until then, I’m going to just do this. As ever.

Religious Knives.

Here’s the thing. I really love them. My love for them is just going to leave me in awe. They remind of The Jesus And Mary Chain meets The Organ.

I love the fuzzy reverb sound. I love the distorted bass. I love how all of this makes me feel. Like it is okay to feel like a massive fuck-up but still have the ability to smile about it. There’s a hint of Nick Cave in this too. I’m in love. I’m in love hard right now with this band. They make me feel like I am witnessing a murder scene in a really horrific film. The music they create is so graphic. Every ugly feeling you could possibly imagine feeling comes out to play. Your demons are coming back, baby. You’ve got nowhere to run to. This is overwhelming. This is powerful. This is the war inside your head that you try to shut up. Sometimes, you’ve got to let it overrule you. Just let it happen. There’s no harm in it. Put your headphones in, let the Devil out.

It’s a train wreck. It is a mess. It is an ugly and intense feeling. I am falling in love for a band that are fast becoming everything I want to be part of. And I’m not someone who likes to be part of something. I think my main obsession for Religious Knives has to be the drums. They sound tribal. You mix that with menacing guitars and a fucking incredible vocal- well it’s really no wonder as to why I love them. I can love a piece of music with no problem. A person however? Cautious and careful.

I wish I could fully let out how I feel about this band. Instead I just sound like a babbling buffoon who knows nothing about nothing. That’s probably the case, but I just really dig this band.

Something tells me that their live shows would be like a really intense Halloween party. Pretty sure I’d have a good time witnessing that.

If you love the menacing sounds of The Jesus And Mary Chain, the intense feels of Nick Cave- then Religious Knives need to be a band you cling onto. Do it. Hold on.

Oh, and you can add them to the list of “Amazing bands to come from Brooklyn.” Seriously BK, you’re going to have to tame it soon. I don’t know if I can handle how brilliant you are.

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