Helen Boulding.

Think about it, most of the good things in life come from Yorkshire. Did you ever used to watch Heartbeat on a Sunday after you’d had your bath? No? Just me? BOLLOCKS! You were missing out. Nick Berry was a heart-throb wasn’t he. Not for me, personally. Also we have Richard Hawley from Sheffield (Can we please just make him a Sir already) Bring Me The Horizon are from Sheffield. Arctic Monkeys are good Yorkshire lads. The Long Blondes (I’m not over it) were a personal favourite. I just love Yorkshire. My mum’s from Doncaster. You know, I think York train station is my favourite. I’m 25 going on 50 aren’t I. Anyway, let me give you another Yorkshire lass.

Helen Boulding.

Her second record is out soon, 16th July. It’s produced by Pete Glenister (he’s worked with Kirsty MacColl so you know he’s a good ‘un.) Anyway, the single The Innocents (it’s lovely isn’t it) is out July 9th. I’m not going to compare her to anyone, I always find that to be utterly lazy. Not to mention a bit offensive to the artist. So I shall say, dear reader, if you like artists such as :  Bat For Lashes, Ellie Goulding- you know the kind. Female singers with a powerful and strange (the good kind) of voice that leave you wanting more. Then, you’ll probably enjoy Helen Boulding.

What I love about the new single is how pure it is. It captures the innocence of how are born a blank slate. Thing is, you can start over at any time. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you different- or try to stop you.

There are some tour dates floating about, and she is also playing Hop Farm (30th June.)

I’d also like to mention that she has collaborated with members of The Cure and Killing Joke. That my friends, is a BIG DEAL.

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