Joe Innes & The Cavalcade.

It’s Morrissey’s birthday today. You know, the one person I will probably ever love. It’s the safe option for he cannot love me back nor does he know of my existence and reject me. But hey Moz, if you see this call me. My number starts with 0 and ends in 0..I think. However, my phone has been cut-off so maybe we could write letters. I bought a fountain pen in January, so far I’ve only used it to write cheap poetry about things and people. I’ll even make you cups of tea, on the hour. Anyway, this is all for later on- my birthday post for Moz. For now, you are going to get an album review of sorts. Well, not really. I’m just going to babble on about a band for a bit.

I checked my emails this morning. As ever. Sifting through the “DO YOU NEED VIAGRA?” As I don’t have a penis and I’m also gay- I really don’t need Viagra, thanks for the suggestion though. I also had the “SORRY, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL WITH YOUR APPLICATION.” Fuck you very much. Through the barrel of this bullshit, I was thankfully greeted with something that brought a smile to my face- even if it is World Goth Day. If you must know, I am wearing my Bauhaus shirt. I wear it most days. I sun bathed wearing it, and black jeans. I’m not really sure about this Summer lark you know. I may just stay indoors. Why do I need to go outside when I am being sent something so bloody beautiful via email?!

Joe Innes & The Cavalcade have cruel lyrics merged with a folky sound. By folky I don’t mean something mundane and cack such as Laura Marling and Mumford and his posse. No no, this right here, what I am listening to is a different level. Shall we call it part of the anti-folk scene? Do you hate scenes? I do. Let’s call it a movement. That sounds better. Like a riot is about to start. Everyone enjoys a riot (not like the ones we saw last year, that was just mindless violence.) Joe Innes & his delightful band are wonderful. If I was anymore positive about this band, I’d sound like some kind of motivational speaker. I’m not that kind of person. I do not like to interfere. Ever. Do your own thing.

Right so, if you dig stuff like Emmy The Great, Bright Eyes, Adam Green and..I’m trying to think of someone else but I can’t. Bollocks. Basically, if you like music that is gentle- then this is for you. Perfect to sit by a lake with a bottle of wine. Go home when you think going for a swim is a good idea though. I can’t swim. So if I drink wine, I always make sure there are people around and no water at all.

The lyrics are dark. Look, anyone who writes a song about burying a dead rat is close to perfect in my mind. Anyone who holds something towards this and needs to write a song about it, well- you’re my kind of person. There is something so painful about the lyrics you know? Because it is so true to life. Ever seen a dead rat in the road and wanted to bury it? No? Just me? I should stop being so caring. I’d risk my life to save an animal. The Frighteners is my favourite track off their debut record. It is creepy, ghoulish and ever so sinister. Everything I love about music is in that song.

I feel I should write something pretentious like, “This band feel like Summer.” Thing is, Summer in the UK is basically rain isn’t it? So that’s not nice. In short, Joe Innes & The Cavalcade are pretty damn good. That’s an understatement. I should give you a link to this record shouldn’t I?

Here you go :

The songs are perfect for those who doubt themselves, doubt love and doubt the world at times. All this doubt keeps you going, keeps you alive. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. I live as if I am unloveable, I don’t want to disappoint. Future girlfriends (if it ever happens again) you need to know this. I’ll probably play you a song by Joe Innes & The Cavalcade to get my point across.

There’s angst, hurt and so much vulnerability in these songs. I dig it, and I hope you do too. The record came out at the end of April, so you have no excuse.

Joe Innes has supported some bands I bloody adore so much such as Sea Of Bees, She Keeps Bees and Caitlin Rose. If you’re at a loss and need something to kick-start your soul, invest your time/ears in Joe’s music. They’re playing a gig in Dalston on the 27th May. I’d go..but I’m in London 3 days after. I always miss out!

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