Low Roar.

Accidents happen. Sometimes we are made to feel bad about it, sometimes we just cannot help it. Good can come from it, if you look closer. I accidentally found Low Roar. I cannot find any fault in this.

I think they’re a duo. I know there are some shit duos, but I’m not exactly going to write about something I don’t like. I don’t understand that. To hell with all the negativity in the world. Low Roar have created some of the most loving, gentle and peaceful music I’ve ever heard. Sure I love some shouty music every now and then. But sometimes, I just want to hear something calming and gentle. I’ve truly found that in Low Roar. They have that beauty that is in the likes of Boards Of Canada but their tame and loving sound is like no other at all.

This is the kind of music you listen to when you feel low and delicate. This is the kind of music that makes you feel like you are being held softly until everything just feels right once more. When that lonely feeling creeps up towards you, Low Roar act like a deterrent and chase it away with their tranquil sounds. The mood they create is just so beautiful. I don’t understand why music like this isn’t huge, this is what the world needs. But hey, we can’t have everything. Just treasure them in your own way and don’t ever let go.

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