The Doors- The Doors.

I cannot remember the first time I heard The Doors, but I know I was very young. I’ll pass responsibility onto my mum for my love for this band. She used to play them around the house a bit. I’m pretty sure she’d play their songs to get me to sleep too. Except, I wouldn’t sleep. I’d just listen to the music and want to hear it. So in my head I thought, “If I pretend I can’t sleep, I’ll get to listen to music.” It worked. And I guess it was why, when I got older I used to only be able to fall asleep after I’d listened to John Peel on the radio before bed. I’d sacrifice sleep just to hear something that would blow my young mind.

Music should always, I feel, take you to a place that you’d never go yourself. It should carry you off to a magical and warped place. When a piece of music can fuck with your mind, body and soul- you know you’ve found something worth gripping onto as firmly as you can. With a band like The Doors, they have the grip on YOU. They’re a band that when you first hear, you never look back. They become a sanctuary. They are the blood in your veins. They cover you in goose bumps. 40 years plus, and they are STILL one of the best bands to have ever existed. No other band has ever had what they had. They had something no other band possessed, but you can tell they try to. Try all you want though, how could you not be influenced by such a band.

For me, I hold their debut record so very dear to my heart. If I could find the right word to describe it, I would. But no word seems to be good enough. No word can actually capture a description of this record. No word can actually fully state what this record means to me, and so many more. There is something entirely magical and lucid about this record. You do not feel like you are on this planet  when you listen to it. It’s a straight up fact that Jim was a poet. He wasn’t just one of the best frontmen EVER. He wasn’t just a singer. He was just a perfect poet. His words set your soul off. His words made your heart flutter. They still do. I listen to his words, and I feel as if I’m falling in love. And I’m not even sure if I know what love truly is you know? But I really really feel it when I listen to The Doors, especially their first record. Break On Through (To The Other Side) is just from start to finish so very very hypnotising. Jim’s words can be taken as poetry, take away the music and just read the words- and you have some delicate, vulnerable and astounding poetry. One of my favourite things Jim ever wrote is found in this song :

“I found an island in your arms,
Country in your eyes.
Arms that chain.
Eyes that lie.
Break on through to the other side.”

This is, if I had the words to sum up that verse I would. But I just can’t. All I know is that it still blows my mind.

Their debut record is enough to arouse a Nun. Seriously, it is THAT sexually charged. I mean, Robby is for serious, THE most underrated guitarist I’ve ever heard. He creates such magic. The whole record gives you that, “Come and get it” vibe. I just don’t know if any record since this has ever created such a feeling in me, or anyone. Was it ahead of its time? Yes. Will a record ever be this vital again? No. How can you even try to replicate something as eerie and sensual as this? The Doors were the band you wish you were in. Or, they are the band you wish you could play like. Hell..if I was musically talented I’d want to be like them. I’d want to give people this feeling. That feeling of, “I want this..but what is happening to me as I’m listening to it?! WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE OF ME RIGHT NOW?!”

End Of The Night is a song that gives me something so powerful. So powerful that all I can do is just shut my eyes and go some place I don’t want to be bothered. It makes me want to sit on a beach in L.A. in the pitch black staring at the sky and the stars hitting the water. I’ll ignore the sounds of people and cars passing me by. I’m just sitting on the beach falling into my own sense of freedom, euphoria and a general state of bliss.

The loner, the outsider, the reckless fool, the one that people dismiss-if this is how you feel then The Doors will send you in the right direction. Jim’s lyrics provide a sense of comfort and the music just makes you glad you’re alive. That’s what you want. It is what you need. Their debut record was the soundtrack for so many when it was released, and 45 years on- I can safely say it is the soundtrack to mine. There is something about this record that just makes you feel something so soulful, deep and spiritual that you know you’ve been waiting so long to feel.

When I feel like I need something to remind me about how it may just get better, I play The Doors. Mainly the first record. Jim’s words give me reassurance and hope. That’s what one needs to get through this life, and to possibly carry it on into the next one.

Love, hope, vulnerability and desire; this is what this record fills me with. There’s much more but you can only feel it when you listen to this record. When I first heard this record I felt like I was having some weird, outer-body experience. It is almost like an epiphany. I was so young when I first heard this record, but I remember feeling this. As I listen to it now, it is just like the first time I heard it.

This record still causes my heart to skip,leap and flutter. It causes my mind to trip. It wakes up my soul. It goes beyond being just a record.


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