Dum Dum Girls-Coming Down (video.)

Only In Dreams was one of the best things to have happened last year. An underrated album that holds more value in my heart than I can put into words.

I’ve written about the song Coming Down a few times, mainly because I just feel so much towards it. A lot of love. A hell of a lot of love for that song. The lyrics hit me right in the gut when I first heard it. I felt like part of what I was feeling/thinking was being sung by Dee Dee and I just cried. Watching the video just made me bawl a little bit. Maybe it’s because I’m stupidly tired and its caused me to cry. I have no idea. Or maybe, the song and the sheer beauty of this video, shot in black and white, just really struck a chord. I don’t need to write anymore about this song, it’s obvious how I feel about it. However, I must say that Dee Dee Penny is probably my dream girl.

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