Dum Dum Girls-Coming Down (video.)

28 03 2012

Only In Dreams was one of the best things to have happened last year. An underrated album that holds more value in my heart than I can put into words.

I’ve written about the song Coming Down a few times, mainly because I just feel so much towards it. A lot of love. A hell of a lot of love for that song. The lyrics hit me right in the gut when I first heard it. I felt like part of what I was feeling/thinking was being sung by Dee Dee and I just cried. Watching the video just made me bawl a little bit. Maybe it’s because I’m stupidly tired and its caused me to cry. I have no idea. Or maybe, the song and the sheer beauty of this video, shot in black and white, just really struck a chord. I don’t need to write anymore about this song, it’s obvious how I feel about it. However, I must say that Dee Dee Penny is probably my dream girl.



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