Swim Deep-King City (Video.)

Last year, Summer Camp’s I Want You was THE song that made me feel everything intensely. I compared most things to how this song made me feel. I’ve already declared King City as the song to do this to me this year. I listen to it and no part of me is unhappy. I can relate to the lyrics, I mean who wouldn’t want Jenny Lee Lindberg to be their girlfriend?! However, when I’m alone I sing this and throw in all members of Warpaint names around because I love them. A lot. If you must know, I use Emily’s name the most. I’ve just out-creeped myself.

Swim Deep are the band that are going to amaze you this year. Yeah, I’m probably only using King City as what I’m basing this on, but I think I’m right this time. They come from Birmingham. Is that important? You know what, this time IT IS. All too often London is given all the hype and whatnot. Not this time. This year, it’s all about Birmingham and Swim Deep.

I’ll give you the reasons as to why I really love this video :

-The posters of Jenny Lee Lindberg at the start of the video.

-The JD poster.

-Comic store.


-Skateboarding in the Bullring.

Everything I love is in this video. Aside from skateboarding. I can’t skateboard. When I was about 6 years old my best friend and I used to get our skateboards and lie on them on our tummy and go down hills. Dangerous? Fuck yes. We were fearless 6 year olds. Nearly ending up under a car wasn’t enough to tame our evident rebellious streak…

This video just oozes summer. Listen to it on a rainy day and you’ll still feel like you’ve got the sun on your back. I’m content with playing this track all day EVERY day this year (and beyond.)

Also, I think “And fuck your romance I wanna pretend, that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend” is probably going to be my favourite lyric of the year. Mainly because I can relate. I’ll switch it up every so often by using Alison Mosshart and others in there. Romance never goes my way, EVER. Never has and never will. But King City makes me feel okay with it because I know someone out there feels it too. Thank you Swim Deep! A person you like in real life may reject your affections, but you’ve always got a music crush to fall back on.

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