All the bad days you have role into one, and the mere thought of facing another day with every burden under the sun makes you want to escape. Escape to the point where coming back from where you take yourself isn’t appealing. You want to pack up and go. Nothing I’ve ever had has been permanent. Nothing I’ve ever felt has been a slight intervention. The bane of my life is my future and how hopeless it all feels. The disgusting confessions of a 25 year old on just another evening. But I’ve found something I could cling onto in a band. I’m not sure how hard my grip is, but I know its gonna see me through. Or, at least I’m going to try let it anyway.

Ketamines are making it seem, for me, that feeling hopeless and useless isn’t all too bad. They always say to you, “it could be worse” don’t they? You’re unsure if they are optimists or just stupid. Maybe both. Then they say you’re not doing enough. You declare you’re doing too much. They will always fail to see your good points and constantly go at your faults. It gives you a headache. Heartache? That’s nothing. Ketamines are filling the void. Ketamines are making sense. Everything else just seems quite distant. Or maybe, I am the distant one. I’ll argue with myself instead of someone else. Where am I going with this?

Are you a hopeless case? Are you constantly made to feel like you ain’t worth shit? Forget it. Just forget it. You’ve got to listen to Ketamines instead. You want to feel something good? You want to feel at ease with how you feel? You want acceptance? Ketamines. Check them out.

Why do I love them? Because they have a distorted feel to their music that always seems to grab me in ways a person can’t. Maybe this makes me an excuse for a person you know? Because I let music have a grip over me and take control. Give up to a person, and I’d rather go read a book. It is what it is, they say. I love Ketamines because for some reason, I just connect with their music. I listen to their music and I feel like I’m on some beach taking in the sound of the crashing waves. This is enough to make me ignore the fact I’m in England. They sound like Summer, they feel like reassurance. Things take time. I like to think I have time, but sometimes I feel like I am running out.

I guess listening to Ketamines right now is making a world of sense to me because it’s allowing life to somehow make sense. Although I’m not sure how. I adore the track, Skin Trade. I’d probably claim it as my favourite although I will end up changing my mind soon enough. Spaced Out is a brilliant record that you really do need to listen to. You just need to listen to all their music to be honest. And if you click here : then you can add some excitement to your evening.

Kill Me Now is a pretty cool track also. I love everything about them. You can tell, right? I cannot explain this feeling in any more detail than this. If you feel like an outsider, you’ll probably connect with Ketamines on a level you didn’t think you would. Just go with it. It’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of.

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