Beach House.

I guess everyone has a band or two (or in my case..five) that give them this really strange feeling. Have you ever been in love? It’s alright, isn’t it? Well, so I’ve heard. It’s a chore, never a pleasure. Like a lot of things. Yet, when I listen to Beach House I get this really odd feeling. They make me feel like I am in love, I’m really not. But they give me that heightened feeling that people spend their lives breaking their backs and losing their self-respect for. I find it all in Beach House. Maybe it is because Victoria’s voice is so peaceful and comforting. That’s what love should be, right? Peaceful and comforting. My views on love and romance lead me to disappointment. Expect nothing and carry on.

I have no idea where I am going with this. I think I just, at close to midnight, feel the need to write about Beach House. I think this is going to be far too personal. As I write this, the view from the window is of a bed of water with the town’s lights reflecting onto it. I’m listening to Beach House and as I am doing so, I am attempting to figure shit out. I am trying to sort out my life and what I want. Most people do this at a more suitable hour. However, I feel stupidly awake and my body is telling me to sleep. I just don’t listen to what I should.

Nearly two weeks ago, I left home (again) in an attempt to sort my life out. To find a job and make something of my life. You’d think at aged 25 I’d have something solid going for me, right? Wrong. I don’t. I own nothing of worth, I am possibly not of worth (it depends when you ask me..if its a good day-I’ll be fine.) I have no idea. Self-doubt keeps me going. I function in a way I know that I shouldn’t. I want answers but I have no idea if I’ve asked the questions yet. I know nothing. You cannot know a thing at aged 25. Or even 35. You constantly learn and grow. I don’t know what I need, but I know what I want. I use Beach House to guide me towards something. I’m not sure what. So, as I type this looking at the water and the lights I am trying to figure it all out.

Myth was released by the band nearly two weeks ago. The day I left home. I played it over and over before I left for the airport. Inside, I was close to crying like a baby. Outside, I was keeping it together. Just another poor way of functioning, I know. I know. The way in which Victoria sings, “Help me to make it.” Just made me feel less alone and less scared. I am fucking petrified of failing again. I cannot do it. But, with songs like Myth I feel like I could possibly get there you know? Maybe it will work out. I’m responsible if it does, and I’m responsible if it doesn’t.

I remember when I first heard The Cure’s record, Seventeen Second. I had this feeling. It went beyond anything and everything. I felt it in a part of me that I think a loved one is meant to tap into. That’s never happened to me. I found it in that record, and I got that EXACT feeling when I first heard Beach House.  They are a band that give you so much feeling that you just cannot describe, you just feel it. I’m sure if I saw them live I would just bawl all the way through. It’s not like they saved my life, but they gave me some kind of strength and/or courage to ignore everything and do what is right for me.

I remember playing Take Care when I walked home when I found out my mum had breast cancer. Every word made so much sense, and every single word broke my heart. You want to be someone’s rock and take it all away- but you’re unsure how. You’re unsure, but you find comfort in a song that feels like a blanket, a shield from pain.

Beach House are not a band you just listen to and forget about. They are a band that become a constant. A part of your life that makes sense. They become that best friend at 4am when you’ve got nothing. You play their music when you go for a walk and get lost. You don’t care that you are lost because Beach House have found that part of you that no one ever else could. To love them, is to love them with everything you have. Every part of your love is reserved for this duo. You cannot imagine your life or record collection without them.

Teen Dream was a big thing for me. It was the soundtrack to so much. For me, they are just like Warpaint. What I mean is, they are a sacred band to me. I cannot listen to Warpaint in the company of anyone. I cannot listen to Beach House with anyone. I just have to shut my eyes or shut the world out. It is an experience I cannot imagine sharing with anyone. I mean sure if I fell in love, I’d probably want to play Beach House to her. Then I’d play some NWA afterwards. Just to balance it all out.

I’ve heard some of the tracks off Bloom, and hand on heart- I can safely say this will be the most beautiful record to come out this year. If Warpaint put their record out this year too, I’ll feel the same. For me, Beach House just give me hope. You must ALWAYS have hope. Without hope you have nothing. You have to hope you get to where you want to be. You have to hope you get what you want, and what you deserve. You have to keep hope alive in order to keep the dream alive. Whatever the dream may be, you’ve got to keep it alive.

This has turned out to be horrifically personal. You can put it down to me being utterly tired. My post-London emotional hangover not leaving me alone, or the fact that I’m a shit writer who is far too personal. Make up your own mind- but go listen to Beach House. Listen to them the way I am right now. Looking at water with reflections of light bouncing off. You will feel at peace, you will feel calm. You will feel. They are a band that you cannot compare any other band to. No one else sounds like them, and they sound like no one else. They say perfection doesn’t exist- bullshit. Beach House exist, and so does perfection. It is like an outer body experience. A high you never want to come down from, and why on earth would you want to.

I could say so much more about Beach House, but like I said- you cannot describe it; you just feel it.

I really don’t know what I’d do without Beach House. They create such beautiful music that makes you feel like you can do anything, be anything. They also make you feel alright when everything seems to be wrong. The words, the voice, the music- it all transports you into a glorious dreaming state. Nothing can touch you. Snapping out of it isn’t exactly wonderful, but it causes everything to make sense eventually.

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