Happy Birthday Lou Reed!

70 years today one of the greatest musicians of all time entered the world- LOU REED.

Deny is talent, well you must be mental. His song-writing skills have influenced so many. His music is perfection- whether solo or with Velvet Underground. There’s nothing I can say about this GOD that hasn’t already been said. Velvet Underground are one of my biggest loves, they are one of the few bands I felt this instant connection with from the very first listen. The haunting sounds of Venus In Furs just drew me in. That debut record is a masterpiece. I have mixed feelings about Warhol, its best if I don’t explore them. Lou is just everything.

The way he explored so many subjects in his songs..so freely and in such a poetic manner has always been an inspirational thing for me, personally. He was part of the reason as to why I did part of my dissertation at Uni on the relationship between with Punk and Poetry.

I know most say it (and lets face it they are right) Transformer is one of the best albums ever made. If I was the kind of person to have the will to stick to a list of my favourite albums of all time- it would be up there. I always change my mind. Sure it is a solid, but I’d end up faffing around with the list.

I honestly don’t need to go on and on about how important Lou is, you should already know that. So with that…Happy Birthday Lou. Thank you for EVERYTHING.

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