Nice Face.

26 02 2012

Last night I wrote about a musician that I look up to, but sadly a few people took it the wrong way and projected some stupidly bad feelings about it. I’ll delete it before I go to sleep, just in case anyone cares to read it..but they won’t. So, it’s cool. What I’ve learnt from that..and more recently is to just stop putting everything I have into something because when someone rips it apart it is worse than being rejected by someone you like. Maybe people enjoy being bitchy and I just don’t understand. Or maybe..maybe I was wrong to write it. Maybe I was so fucking wrong to write something praising Camila Grey and attempting to get people to see how awesome she is. I’m sorry, I won’t fucking do it again. I’ll stick to writing about bands that aren’t as known as they should be, and using this as a platform to promote them in the hopes someone gives them a listen. There’s no harm in that is there? I bet you’ll find fault in it. So with that, I’ll stick to what I know..which depending on who you ask- may not be much.

Nice Face. Nice name for a band. If anyone asks me who I’m enjoying right now and I say “Nice Face” they’ll probably think I’m acting perverse and trying to avoid the question. Well, depending on who you are- it could be true. But let’s be honest, I’m not someone you want hitting on you. I’m socially shite and I’d just want to talk about music. These are a few more reasons as to why I’m remaining on that dusty shelf. But it’s cool, I’ve got music like Nice Face to keep me company.

Here’s the thing- Nice Face are perfect. Look, I know I bang on about bands being loud and a riot in the ears- but it is truly what gets me going. I love music that still has that Punk vibe to it. Unapologetically loud and raw- how it should be, how I want it. I like my music how I like people; passionate, thought-provoking, deep and the ability to make me feel something worth feeling. Maybe I’m still waiting to meet a person like that. But, I’ve found it in Nice Face.

If I’m correct (which may or may not be the case) is just one person- Ian Magee. I don’t know where he is from, I’d say a different planet to be honest. His music in unworldly and beautifully unholy. When you listen to Nice Face it is like you are stepping into the underworld. That place you were warned to never go. I’ve had this feeling before. When I first listened to Cold Cave and Crocodiles in 2009 I think. I remember that feeling. It was a bit like, “Should I be doing this? Or screw it..gonna do it anyway.” I did it, best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve not done much. Nice Face make you feel as if you are delving into something so unknown. No one has ever picked up on this before. Nobody knows what is going to happen, and you feel the ability to care about the outcome disappearing with every listen. If music can make me feel like I’m approaching something sinister, I will treasure it forever.

Immer Etwas is an incredible record, and I think (and by think I mean HOPEFULLY) the second record will be out this year. I hope it is as brutal and bold as Immer Etwas. Maybe I’m alone with this, but it feels like..Ramones fused with an electro band. I know they weren’t electro but if you combined Joy Division with Ramones, you’d get the general idea. Or..I could be wrong. Actually I am wrong. Ignore that. The only comparison you can get from those two bands is that, Nice Face will make you want to dance like Ian Curtis and possess the same energy as the Ramones. That’s it really.

I’ve probably failed at my attempt and I could’ve just said it in a couple of sentences but I really love Nice Face. I love how loud the music is. I love how it has the potential to take you to a dark place. It lurks in your mind then everything rages out of you like an insane monster. Let it all fall out, and fall in love with some of the most passionate and brilliant music you will ever hear.



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20 05 2012

just played these two tracks out of sync and it improves.

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