21 02 2012

Where do I start with this? I mean, from the first listen, the first yell..I knew I was about to listen to something that would grab me by the neck, and shake me. Throttle away TEENS, I am ready for this.

If it sounds like it could be a garage band, then there is huge chance I will love them. Throw in some surfer-pop and/or lo-fi sounds, and I will love it even more. Music that makes me feel like it is Summer is just fine.

I’m just an idiot who fucking loves music. Music like THIS. Music that makes me glad I’m not deaf, you know? I just love how lo-fi it is. It sure as hell makes you picture your very own California dream. Although, the band are actually from Idaho..I think? Someone correct me if I am wrong, please.

So the songs are short- big deal, just means you can keep on hitting repeat over and over. Until your body hurts from dancing and your head feels like it is going to fall off due to intense head shaking. Standard dance move? Oh no doubt.

You stream (and buy) their music from : http://teens.bandcamp.com/album/teens Obviously I’m going to advise that you do so. It’s just bloody good. The kind of music you yearn for on those boring Friday nights where everyone else seems to want to go to some horrific nightclub that plays shite music. You know the kind. Where people act drunk after one drink, fools. Fuck the drink, just get involved with the music.

Die With You and Golden Years are, right now my two favourite off the record. You know I’ll change my mind as soon as I publish this. TEENS are an easy band to fall for, you don’t want a soft landing. It’d ruin the experience.



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