Night Beats.

21 02 2012

It is hard, at times to feel any connection to music that is made now. Well, for me anyway. I don’t listen to “odd” stuff because I want to have one over you, or because I’m a pretentious tit. Far from it. So far from it- but certain people will call you this if you even dare to listen to something that a commercial station has yet to put its mucky paws all over. I love music that goes beyond. Pushes boundaries, has extreme sounds and is something I can connect to. I cannot relate to anything by Adele. Give me Sex Church, Royal Chant or Warpaint- and I feel at home. I feel like I am part of something. Something that I’ve been waiting for, I got tired of waiting- so I took it. From finding all this, I couldn’t stop. I had to keep on looking for more and more. I have more CDs and records than I do clothes. As a female, society will do its best to make me hate myself for this. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I know what is important to me, fuck what anyone else may think.

Sticking with the not belonging in this era, I’ve found Night Beats who make me feel like I’m in the 1960s. They’re like a less wild version of Baby Woodrose. The psychedelic vibe is there, oh it is totally there. It’s enough to make you don some tie-dye and a scarf around your head, it is just so divine. It makes you feel like you are in a different world. Surely that’s what music or any form of art should do? Real life is a bore for most isn’t it. You fall into a hellish routine. You begin to loathe yourself and your surroundings. The familiar faces become faces you want to avoid. Everything you know, is everything you hate. This is how I feel about where I am from.

Then, I listen to Night Beats. I listen to them, and I create a different home in my mind. A home that is fuelled by music like this, and people who are gentle and friendly. Who do not judge. No snobbery, no pretentious vibes. When music can cause you to create your own piece of Heaven in your mind, you know you have found something you MUST cling onto.

Sure not every song of theirs may deal with the perils of daily life, but it is enough to make you forget them. The music they create goes beyond experimental. It causes YOU to experiment with different thoughts, and a way of seeing the world. It changes you with every note and lyric. This is more than your crutch. It is your haven.

What I absolutely and passionately adore about Night Beats is that they have everything I look for in a band. I love all genres of music- I can see the good and bad in all. Like most bands that claim a chunk of my heart, Night Beats make me feel like anything is possible. And that the impossible means nothing. They bring over a wave of certainty and reassurance. The reassurance that, everything is going to be okay and all you have to do is just lose yourself in some fucking good music- like this, in order to gain a sense of self again.

I have no idea if I’m projecting it clearly, but I’ve got so much love for Night Beats. The fact that they have covered one of my favorite songs EVER is also a bonus (Psychotic Reaction by Count Five.) This is the kind of band that Rolling Stone and Creem would’ve done ANYTHING to have on the cover for in the 60s. Now? Now we are lumbered with…Rihanna. Fucks sake. Send me into the abyss NOW.

Night Beats are more than just a Garage or psychedelic band. They have one over YOU, don’t turn away from it.



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