Willis Earl Beal.

18 02 2012

From my own point of view, one of the greatest feelings you can experience is finding a singer or band that just leave you utterly stunned. They leave you feeling like you have heard something so rare. It leaves you just frozen in awe.  They have this mysterious quality about them that just makes you want to know what drives them, influences them- everything from an art perspective. You don’t care what they had for dinner- you want to know what book changed their life or what singer made them want to sing. This is what is important. Save the personal details, I want to know what fuels you.

I know NOTHING about Willis. All I know is that he is just a pure, raw talent. Most will label him as “the black Tom Waits.” Oh look at society paying attention to colour before talent again. Idiots. If he was white, would that even be mentioned? No. Not at all. I live in hope that ONE day, we see the person before their colour or any physical form. We aren’t judged on our skin colour, religion, sexuality etc. I have to live in hope otherwise I’ll just give up. Cannot give up…just yet. However, Willis is okay with being “the black Tom Waits.” Ignore colour, anyone who wants to be an artist like Tom Waits is worthy of your time, and devotion. And I firmly believe that Willis will be just as powerful as Tom. In my mind, he already is.

Willis, I think, may end up being my favourite solo artist this year. Anyone who knows me even slightly knows I have a HUGE fucking love for the Blues. The proper Blues. The kind where you can feel all the troubles coming from the singer. You feel all their pain, urges and struggles. You feel it all because it sounds so raw.


Willis’ record, Acousmatic Sorcery is out in the US at the start of April. I have no idea when or even if it will be released in the UK. I’m willing to pay a stupid amount of money for an imported copy. It’s worth going hungry for. The album was recorded between 2007 and 2009. All good things come to those who wait. So if you have been waiting for some honest Bluesy kind of music, then your wait is now over.

He has, at times a dark and tame voice. Then at other times it is gravely and troublesome. Regardless of how he sings, it always sounds so heartfelt. You know he FEELS every single word he is singing. That’s what we need. He is what the music industry need. You can keep your manufactured, overproduced and dull artists. I’m sticking with the ones that are true to their art, and do the unexpected, just like Willis.

He’s just stunning. If I could praise him more than this, I really would. But..well, he’s one of those singers that let the music do it all. You don’t need to know anything about him- all you need to do is listen to his music. It sums it up perfectly.



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