Jess Morgan-Aye Me.

17 02 2012

Pledge Music is a bloody saviour for music. You know why? Because it helps artists like Jess Morgan get their music heard. Personally, I see it as a nice middle finger salute to the idiots who endorse X-Factor wasters with NO talent and won’t even see the year out. Jess Morgan on the other hand is the total opposite.

I’m not really into the whole Folky thing. Well, the traditional sense, I am. But what’s around now? No thanks. You can keep it and place it somewhere no one wishes to go. It means nothing to me. I don’t want to hear about how your heart is broken as you stand on the stage staring at the floor, with your mundane personality. No thank you. I’ll take Jess Morgan though. This music has heart and soul. That’s all I want from music. Heart and soul. I’ve said this before about Jess, she truly does standout from all the others. She has SOMETHING that I wish I could put into words. I’m clearly a wanky Music Writer when I say I don’t have the words. It’s just hard to describe something that is so pure and beautiful because you feel that whatever you say will not do it justice at all. But, I’m going to try anyway.

I am so bloody impressed that Jess has supported Ellen And The Escapades and First Aid Kit- this is on the back of just ONE record. I’m not usually easily impressed, but with music- it’s a much simpler process. Her second record, Aye Me is a stunning body of art. You know if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t bother writing about it. It is such a lovely record.

You know the dreaded second album curse? That happened to Jess. Recordings of the record were lost, so she had to start again. But hey, what’s life without a few minor hitches right? The end result is just a glorious second record that I hope (I know she is) she is proud of. If you’re wanting songs that talk about love, lust, heartache and those kind of feelings- you won’t find it here. Aye Me is storytelling at its finest. This is a kind of record you play around a fire. Except, I won’t. Because I am shite around fire. I once nearly set fire to my books whilst trying to light candles. Romance isn’t dead, but it can turn you into an accidental arsonist!

Leave A Light On is 5 minutes of positive energy. It just makes you shrug everything off, and feel content with your surroundings. The first single off the record, Workhouse is beautiful. I think though, if I have to pick a favourite, I’d go for Ugly Women or Since I’ve Known You, but this is only from one listen. I’ll change my mind after listening to it another 5 times. It is a beautiful and pure record from start to finish. There’s no pretentious vibes- it is an easy record to fall in love with, so just allow yourself to do so. You probably will with first listen like I did.

Jess is heading out in tour very very soon. You can get all the details from her site :

She is also heading out on tour with Paper Aeroplanes in May. I’d like to kindly suggest you catch her on tour, wherever you can. You will NOT be disappointed (okay so I haven’t seen her yet, but I will try my best to!)

Aye Me is out on 26th March. There is still time left for you to pledge at :

I’ve said it before, so of course I’ll say it again- support the REAL independent artists who are in it for the music, and the love of it.



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