Ellie Herring-Satiate

15 02 2012

When I wrote about Ellie Herring last summer, I said how it was about time we had a female producer/musician as good as this. I know gender isn’t important- but society does like to bang on about gender roles and how we should be. Fuck it. Fuck with your gender, and break the rules. Who cares.

That out of the way…

Satiate is Ellie’s new record, and I’m going to attempt to tell you why and how it is vital that you listen to it. I’ll just throw it out there now, I wish I could make music like this. If I won the lottery (oh the things I would do!) I’d probably pay for Ellie to come to my house and do a mini gig. It’s incredible. But, I do need to attempt to go into detail as to why I love her music.

Ellie’s music, and especially the new record had a beautiful electro euphoric vibe. Its is the kind of music you’d play during the summer at night, whilst laying on the beach with the tide slowly coming in. You don’t fear for your life or if the waves will eventually take you because the music puts you in such a calming state- nothing can snap you out of it. Even now, just sat here trying to figure out how to write about this record is slowly making me sleepy (I really need a nap…) but it is so beautiful. You know when you hear something, and the sheer beauty of it just leaves you in awe? Like, you really cannot understand why the person making this music isn’t huge. You feel all of this, and it makes the listen much more sacred.

Musically, it is as dark as Zola Jesus and Fever Ray. Sure it feels quite eerie and ghastly, but then you have the vocals which are so delicate. If you like artists such as Creep, Chelsea Wolfe, The Knife- then I don’t see why you wouldn’t love Ellie Herring. This is the kind of music you want to hear at 4am when everyone is sleeping, and you cannot switch yourself off. It will kill all anxiety and any feelings of despair. It has a subtle comforting feeling. When you least expect it, Satiate makes you feel so fucking good about yourself. I know that it is such a boring thing to say and typical- but this is a feel good record. I’m not really one for listening to music that makes me feel good. I don’t actively seek music out to make me do that, I just wait for it to hit me. This is what this record does. You just think, “Oh cool, an electro album.” Then you listen to it..and you start feeling weightless. Almost like you’re tripping or something (I’ve never done drugs, but I’m going to say that the feeling this record gives you is better than any form of artificial bullshit.)

Flailing In Attraction and Until It Feels Foreign were wonderful releases, and I still listen to them now. And I’m not just saying this, but Satiate is better. It has a bigger sound that makes you feel like you are drifting peacefully into a different world. Thing is, when you get there you won’t want to leave. So just keep hitting repeat and stay there because nothing is going to beat this feeling at all.

I’m so happy that Died To Meet You is on the record, it is one of the first songs I remember hearing. Other favourites include (the whole album) Seriously Pale, If You Were Still Alive and Hide In Gold. I just really love the record. It’s one I’m proud to be listening to. I can only hope you feel the name.

You can listen to it here : http://soundcloud.com/ellieh/sets/untitled-ep-15/ When you’ve finished with Satiate, go back and listen to her other work including her remixes. Oh, and check out her Boards Of Canada mix that she uploaded yesterday. It is stunning.



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