Emeli Sandé-Our Version Of Events.

13 02 2012

Here’s the thing, I honestly do not need to write a load of carefully crafted sentences for me to tell you just how bloody good this record is. If you listen to it, and it doesn’t move you- then you’re not a music fan. You probably think X-Factor is good for the music industry. BOO! YOU WHORE (I had to quote Mean Girls, I’ve been dying to.)

Emeli has a voice that will make you emotional. Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t like singers that warble and think hitting high notes is the best thing in life. I love Emeli’s voice because it is so soft and delicate. Every word that falls so beautifully and freely from her mouth is so clear and crisp. You feel everything she is singing. I remember when I heard Lungs by FATM, and I just cried all the way through because it was so beautiful. It was that powerful. I did the same about 11 years ago when I went out and bought Songs In A Minor by the queen, Alicia Keys. I’m going to hop on that bandwagon for a sec and say that Emeli is OUR Alicia Keys. She has that quality to her and her music that just makes you relate. The words here, especially on Mountains makes you feel like a whole world of love and strength has taken over your body.

I am not ashamed to admit that this record has reduced me to tears. I look like I’ve been crying for weeks and weeks over a broken heart. I haven’t been crying for that reason. It’s just such a gorgeous and open record that just..oh bloody hell, I have no words. Please please go buy this record. I don’t care if your favourite band is Cradle Of Filth or if you are partial to a bit of The Cramps- this is is a stunning record. Listening to it, you cannot help but be blown away by the fact that this is Emeli’s debut record. WHAT THE HELL?! It sounds like something someone 4 albums deep into their career would make.

With the music industry riddled with singers having to remove clothing in order for people to pay attention and buy their records, Emeli is truly one in a million. Her music isn’t for a certain kind of person at all. It goes beyond a typical genre of music. It is just the most heartfelt and honest record I have heard in a long time. This is THE debut record of the year. Fuck whatever I said before, and what anyone else has said- this is THE ONE. This is where it is at kids. This is the record you need.

You know how Alicia’s debut record influenced so many? I’m going to proudly stand by this- Our Version Of Events WILL do the same. Hand on heart, I firmly believe this. Fuck, it makes me wish I could sing. This is the best female singer in the UK right now. She is just a beautiful human being with such talented. Some people are gifted and can just make you feel so much with even just one saong- Emeli is like that.


I think what makes this an emotional listen is that, my mum loves her. My mum was pretty ill when Emeli was starting last year properly..and every single time I heard Heaven I’d just cry. Now I have a whole record that does the same. I’m pretty sure when my mum hears this she will have the same reaction as me. I never write as a Music Journalist, I always write as a fan because I hope my love for what I’m listening to comes across as best as I can get it out. I just think this is truly the most passionate and perfect piece of art I’ve heard in such a long time.

If I could thank Emeli personally for this record, I would. It’s just on a different level to anything I have ever heard before. It will make you see the world in a different way. You’ll be left feeling loved and hopeful after you have heard this record. Debut record of the year, and I’m standing by that.



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