Sweater Girls.

1 02 2012

Sweater Girls are sweet. Not in the way that you use the word to describe something good. I dislike it when people use it like that; I think it’s daft. Don’t use it near me, I’ll only want to throw something at you. Depending on how much I like it, depends on what I want to throw at you. They are sweet in the, cute kind of way. You listen to them and think, “This is what the American version of Camera Obscura sound like!” I love Camera Obscura, and I don’t really trust anyone who doesn’t. How can you listen to Away With Murder and not feel so much?! Emotionless fools.

So, Sweater Girls. They aren’t all girls. Maybe they don’t all wear sweaters. That’s not a problem. The music is bloody good- that’s all that sounds. On their bio on their Facebook page, it says the following:

“We are an indie pop band, influenced by jangly guitars, friendships, loneliness, and laughter. Sweater Girls aim to melt hearts with songs that remind us of our best friends, happiest and saddest moments and our favorite songs.”
Even if I hadn’t heard the music first- this alone would’ve made me love them. I know I am fond of music that is dark and would probably scare anyone half to death; but I have a decent side to me. And that side of me loves music like this. It’s gentle but you do get touches of heartbreak in their music. It’s just so delicate and honest. These are qualities that I love in music and also, in people. If I think you’re fragile and honest-I’ll probably want to talk to you. And I’m not someone who has much to say really.
If you’re one of these suckers to a commercial holiday and you “celebrate” Valentine’s- put a song by Sweater Girls on a mix CD for the person you like. If they’re worthy of your affections- they will appreciate it.
You don’t always have to be a rock, let Sweater Girls melt your heart.



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