I love music that just has this feel about it that is different to anything you’ve ever heard before. You know what it’s like when you hear something so powerful and raw for the first time? It just stays with you. You compare it to anything and everything, because you want to feel that way again. You want that sense of, “My god what is this? What am I feeling!?” It’s like some kind of outer-body experience. I’ve felt this with a few bands. More recently, I felt it when I had the honour of listening to Birdeatsbaby. Before I even listened to them, I knew I would love them because of the name. If you’re one of these people who judges bands based on their name- listen to Birdeatsbaby. Their insane name matches their insane sound.

If you love bands that have a stunning frontwoman that hypnotises you and makes you want more, and more. You know like Garbage, No Doubt, Doll And The Kicks (why did they have to split..I’m still hurting over this)- then you again, will love Birdeatsbaby. If you’re a fan of Dredsen Dolls, you will also love this band.

They come from the best place in England- Brighton. Okay, maybe Manchester is, but still- both are amazing cities. Which, as you know, Doll And The Kicks were pretty much from Brighton. I’m trying my best to not mention DATK but, I’m not over the split at all.

Frontwoman, Mishkin is stunning. I’m only going by the music videos that I seem to have ritualistically watched over the past 24 hours, but she is so stunning. Her voice is strange, but in a good way. I don’t mean that she warbles like a cat being stood on. Oh no, far from it. She has such a powerful voice that you just want to hear again and again. Which is why, I’ve been listening to their music non-stop.

They have an album that is out next month, that obviously I am going to advise you all to purchase. I reckon they’d be amazing to see live. I’m sick and tired of seeing bands that have so much talent being forced to call it quits because Society is so fucked up- they buy into gimmicks such as the X-Factor. Bands that work hard are overlooked just so some twat can have a Number 1 single then go back to being a cleaner. It’s not fair nor is it right. It needs to be stopped. Hopefully, and maybe Birdeatsbaby are one of the many bands that could change this. I don’t have much faith in people anymore, but I do have faith that music can be saved. Especially when bands like Birdeatsbaby exist.

It’s dark, twisted, creepy and just strange; and I love it. I absolutley love them. Everything I look for in a band is what I have found in Birdeatsbaby.

3 thoughts on “Birdeatsbaby.

  1. Hey,

    I’ve seen these guys live and they are pretty decent.

    I like the music. I like the band. I’d buy an album.

    I don’t love the band, nor do they give me an outer body experience,

    I appreciate their individual sound. Refreshing.


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