Beck Goldsmith-Hollows For Sorrows.

19 01 2012

I planned on having a nice nap (or a 5 hour sleep, it depends on how you look at it) when I came home from the gym this morning. Instead, I’ve played Beck Goldsmith’s album on repeating. Constantly getting lost in this beautiful piece of art.

I know it’s only January and not many records have come out- but on 5th March, Beck’s amazing album Hollows For Sorrows comes out. You know how Anna Calvi’s record was one of the best records of 2011, and many stupidly didn’t give it the credit it deserved? This will probably happen with Beck Goldsmith. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s not all bad because this record is perfect. It doesn’t need to be pulled apart by these pretentious music “experts” and up for pointless awards. It is perfect in every single way. I honestly cannot praise this record enough.

As someone who likes music that is noisy and would probably scare people half to death sometimes (I like to play Bring Me The Horizon every morning to piss off my neighbour because her dog never ever shuts up. The dog is cute but after a while it annoys you with its noise!) I’ve also grown to dislike what people call Folk now. I don’t care for a certain blonde singer who stands frail on a stage with just a guitar, you know who I mean. The one who everyone thinks is the saviour of Folk. Folk never needed saving, they ruined it. Awful. Thing is, I wouldn’t call Beck’s music Folk. I honestly wouldn’t know what to call it, so I won’t. I don’t like it when music is ruled by its genre. It’s pointless.

Hollows For Sorrows is eerie, dark, creepy, powerful and beautiful. This is why I love it. I love music that can scare you with its powerful imagery in the lyrics. I love music that makes you feel like you are being chased in a forest with no chance of getting out. If it is dark and twisted, chances are I will probably love it.

The lyrics to this album read like poetry. Think..Ted Hughes mixed with a bit of Edgar Allan Poe (two of the greatest writers EVER.) It is so pure and heartfelt. All you can do whilst listening to this record, is just that. You sit and listen. Take in every single word sung, every single chord played. Let it consume your heart and soul. This is an album that just oozes so much heart, passion, darkness- so many feelings emerge whilst listening to this record.

My main concern is, how on Earth is Beck’s not a huge star? Why isn’t she being hailed as the best singer in this country right now? Why are certain “pop stars” being glorified for prancing about half-naked in videos, with no talent? Yet people such as Beck Goldsmith are overlooked? Dear music industry, please sort yourself out.

The record was recorded in bedrooms and backrooms in England, Scotland and France. Maybe you wanted to know that, maybe you didn’t. Wherever this was recorded, it is still so bloody beautiful.

Stella’s Telescope has some amazing lyrics :

“Dig a hollow for your sorrows. Bury all you’ve lost. What’s forgiven is forgotten , now the stars have crossed.”

It’s just a beautiful line, so comforting.

My favourite track off the record has to be Shards. I love the lyrics. Lyrics are a huge thing for me, and Shards is just full of gorgeous lyrics. They go beyond being songs. They’re just a body of art, a masterpiece. You want it with you all the time. Like I said earlier, I really really cannot praise Hollows For Sorrows enough.

I’ve clearly rambled on too much as usual. I’m going to be even more annoying briefly and say, if you are a fan of Bat For Lashes and/or Beth Gibbons (Portishead) then you will love this record. If you don’t like them (what is wrong with you?!) then you will still love this record. Basically, just go buy the album when it comes out on the 5th March. If you don’t, you’ll be another fool who has overlooked one of the year’s best record.



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25 05 2012
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