Beck Goldsmith.

14 01 2012

I love music that tells stories, strange tales that make you escape from mundane real life. This is probably why I love Beck Goldsmith’s work. If you’re a lazy sod, you’ll probably think “SHE SOUNDS LIKE LAURA MARLING!” I’m not a fan of Laura Marling, I’m probably the only person who isn’t. I had her first EP years ago, that was okay. But since then- I’ve not seen the appeal. However, I’m evidently wrong because everyone else seems to love her. Whatever.

Beck Goldsmith reminds me of someone, but I’m trying to work out who. It’s someone else I like dearly, but I’m really shit with it has escaped me. It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’ll probably come to me as I review her record soon. None of this digital rubbish- hard CD copy, sounds better. Means more. Makes you feel part of the music too. But, I’m just an old fashioned music lover. I don’t have an i-Pod.

Her voice is so pure. I know who she reminds me of!!! It’s just come to me.. She reminds me ever so slightly of Holly Miranda, with a hint of Cat Power. She has the exact same powerr in her voice like Holly and Cat. Also like Rachael Cantu too. Basically, she sounds like the female singers I adore a hell of a lot. I’m not comparing, I’m just stating that her voice, for me personally, is as brilliant as those mentioned. Oh, and she also reminds me a bit of Beth Gibbons from Portishead. Just listen to her song The Watchers. The intro to the song is so wonderfully haunting. So far, it is my favourite song by Beck. It is also going to be featured in a Canadian Horror film sometime this year.

I love the slight ghoulish and devilish feel her music gives me. I love music that feels a bit dark and menacing. I don’t want to hear something cheery and upbeat. I don’t want to hear songs about how beautiful the sun and flowers are. I want something to scare me and make me feel like the Devil is right behind me, watching everything I do. I get this from Beck, and most artists I listen to. This is why I love Beck’s work. With first listen, from the very first note- I knew I was about to expose my ears to something truly stunning and mind-blowing. With a distorted but folky feel to her music, you cannot help but fall in love.

You can listen to some of her songs here :

Her album, Hollows For Sorrows is out 5th March



One response

14 01 2012

Beth Gibbons was who I thought of when I first saw Beck supporting Jim Moray – quite a contrast these two on the same billing – have to say I was seriously impressed – bought the CD as soon as I could – splendid

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