Clara Engel (part 2)

I know I’ve written about her before, but this time it is different. This time, it is more of a plea..begging, if you will. I’ve not been asked to do this (I’m not a fan of being told what to do.) I’m doing this because aside from a very small amount of people- Music is THE most important thing to me.  It breaks my heart when I see talent go ignored. This is going back to my distress over Doll And The Kicks splitting up and society lapping up all these talentless programmes. For what? Their 15 minutes of fame has been and gone. Doll And The Kicks had talent..have talent. I don’t know which tense to write in. Anyway, moving on- before I start rambling about them and turn this into begging them to get back together.

Last year, I recieved an email from Clara telling me about her music. This is the only time I ever do what I’m told. If a singer or band emails me about their music- I will ALWAYS write about them, and do what I can to help. When I listened to Clara’s voice I felt exactly the same way I felt when I first heard Cat Power, The Kills, Florence + The Machine, Warpaint.

Her music is so dark, and her voice is insanely powerful. She grips you, wraps herself right around you with her words and exquisite voice. You don’t want her to ever losen the grip. There’s something here that I’ve never heard before. I probably won’t hear anything like that again.

If you’re familiar with Pledge Music then you’ll understand just vital sites like that are. You donate; your favourite artist gets to put their music out.

Clara’s an Independent artist in the truest form. Everything she does; she does by herself. However, sometimes as brilliant as it is to be Independent- we all need help from time to time. So, if you care about Music. The real kind that tugs at every inch of you, makes your heart race and owns your soul; then please help out in any way you possibly can.

That link will explain everything for you. Don’t forget to check out some of Clara’s music here too :

This will be her 8th album, so it’s about time someone saw the talent and signed her.

If she ever comes to England, I will make sure I buy her a nice cup of tea (or wine) to just say thank you for staying true to the art. These are the kind of people we should admire and sign.

Thank you.


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