23 11 2011

No word of a lie, Phantogram are fucking brilliant. They have described themselves as being “Psych Pop.” It’s true. That they are. Personally I feel like they have that same euphoric sound that The Knife, Beach House, Burial all have. It takes you some place better than where you are. Let’s face it, anywhere is better than where you are.

Songs such as Don’t Move have this uplifting feel to it that just well and truly hits you right in the gut. For me, that’s what makes a band or singer stand out from others. If they can shake up your soul and make you feel something so deep-that not even a person can make you feel, then you’re onto something.

The intro to their song, When I’m Small draws you in straight away. It just makes you want to pull mental moves. It just makes you feel SO GOOD. If you’re looking for a band to make the early dark evenings feel less grim and to provide that warm Summer vibes onto your bones; then let yourself fall insanely and totally in love with Phantogram.

Oh, and they’re another band that New York should be proud of.



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