Class Actress.

20 11 2011

A place can sometimes define a sound, not always- but it is a frequent thing. You listen to bands such as Friends and straight away you feel as if you are in New York in the 80s or 90s. It’s a powerful thing to do, when a band can send you to a specific time and place. Sometimes a band just sends you off in your own little world. Escaping is a truly wonderful thing. Leaving everything behind is one of the greatest forms of freedom.

It’s euphoric dance music with a hint of electro. It sounds like nothing else around, which is why Class Actress deserve to be huge. Alas, the general public are partial to shit music such as….well, you can reel off some names can’t you. You don’t need me to tell you.

Their music makes you feel like you are in New York (where they are from) on some dancefloor having your heartbroken. But! You don’t care because the music just lifts your spirits. When a band can do that, nothing else needs to matter in life, apart from that moment where you let go- and let your mind go some place else.



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