10 11 2011

If Burial had a musical baby with The XX with the slight (and I do mean slight) soul of say James Blake you’d come up with a lovely duo called Alpines.

Boy/girl duos have pretty much been amazing this year from Wye Oak to The Kills to Big Deal.

See, sometimes a band can sound far too over-produced. That too much thought has gone into what they are doing, and because they have done this- they lose sight of who they really are. Thankfully Alpines are not like this. Their sound is so naturally euphoric and just overwhelms you with a sense of utter bliss. The vocals are like a warm blanket to cover you on these dark and dull days.

This is the perfect music to listen to whilst wandering around your town or city with just the flickering of the street lights to guide you. Stay on the pavement though. The music provides the soundtrack to getting lost. There is no problem with getting lost, it just makes you appreciate everything a little bit more. Alpines should be massive. Will they be? That’s up to the general public. If there was any justice, they would be. But we live in a country where utter bollocks dominates the airwaves. Well, at least bands like Alpines exist to soften the blow that greets us every time we put the radio on. I’m not going to give them a genre to fall into, that’s not my place. I doubt you could actually pin-point their sound. That’s probably why I love them so much.



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