Age Of Consent.

3 11 2011

I don’t want to know everything about a band I love. For me, I just care about their music and what influences them. Not by other musicians but if they are influenced by their surroundings and background. That’s more interesting than reading a shitty magazine and seeing them fall out a taxi. But, everyone is different aren’t they.

I don’t know if anything I write about Age Of Consent will make any sense, I’ve just woke up from a 4 hour nap. Some call it a nap, some call it a full on sleep. I’ll go with nap.

Age Of Consent are going to probably make you very happy inside and out. They’re like Big Pink mixed with The Knife. I feel secure withy saying this because I am literally obsessed with The Knife and The Big Pink. The vocals on Columns sound like it cold easily be a track by The Big Pink. The music reminds me of Heartbeats by The Knife, that song has a special place in my heart and is reserved for a few things. Columns is this wonderful piece of electro that stuns you. 3 minutes just isn’t enough. Either push repeat a few times, or listen to their other track- The Beach. Or just alternate. Hell..just do all of it.

The Beach is brilliant. It’s this wonderful moern take on 80s electro pop. A lot are still stuck on bringing back the 80s, but are making such a mess of it. I’ve got my favourites of those who are doing it in a good way, and are making it enjoyable. Age Of Consent are a band that I can add to that very small list. The Beach is amazing. The drums are amazing. If they don’t make you want to flail your body around and just get lost in the music, then something could be wrong with you. Seek medical help; keep listening to Age Of Consent. It’ll sort you out in no time.



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