Beach House-Norway.

You know when you see a person so beautiful, and all you want to do is just look at them? By look at them, I mean take in their beauty; not gawp at them in a mental way. If people found that endearing, I’m pretty sure most of us would no longer get slapped and called a weirdo. This hasn’t happened to me….yet. I tend not to look, just because I don’t like being hit. Think of that person you regard as the most beautiful person in the world (I’ll do the same) and imagine them in the form of music.

How I feel about Beach House is how one would feel about a beautiful person. I just want to sit and listen to Beach House; just like someone would want to stare at a beautiful person. I know it’s a weird analogy, but it’s just how it is.

It’s one song in particluar by Beach House that makes me feel this way. Norway is such a stunning song. The harmonies at the start are just simply breathtaking. Victoria has THE most distinctive vocals around, there’s nobody else like her.  The song feels like a train approaching. It has a haunting quality about it. A lot of their songs do have that feel about it, but at the same time; so comforting. I’ve fallen asleep listening to Beach House so many times. Norway is the one though. It’s the one I always seem to have on repeat.

Her vocals are always atmospheric and so tranquil. You can easily fall into a dream whilst listening to Beach House; you can fall in love whilst listening to Beach House. Norway just evokes such wonderful feelings inside of you. It could be pissing down with rain as you go for a walk listening to this song; but you’d still feel the sun on your back.

Beach House are three albums into their career and each album is just a perfect work of art. As far as duos go, Alex and Victoria are one of the best.

There are so many layers in their songs, especially in Norway. It has that dream pop feel that although many attempt to shy away from; Beach House do it well.

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