The Weeknd-Initiation.

My biggest musical obsession this year has been mainly directed at The Weeknd. I’ve tried to work out why I love his music so much, but to be honest you don’t always need to explain it do you? You like what you like. You hate what you hate. You don’t always need to justify it.

When I heard his first mixtake this year, House Of Balloons, I was instantly blown away. I remember hearing Timbaland’s music in 1996 and the production was so good. So fucking good. The music he made with Aaliyah was instantly timeless. One In A Million will ALWAYS be one of the greatest albums ever, on so many levels. The Weeknd has created a sound that makes me feel the way Timbaland did in ’96. The futuristic feel in his music is unlike anything else around right now. His sample of Siouxsie & The Banshees Happy House is easily one of the best samples I’ve heard in a long time.

His new track, Initiation has a chopped up sound to it. Normally I’m not a fan of the chopped up sound, but this is RIDICULOUS. It is amazing. It fucks with your head and you just zone out. That’s pretty much what you get from The Weeknd’s music. His last mixtape, Thursday is astounding. I just can’t get enough of his music. It’s perfect to listen to when you’re on a bus or train late at night and just need to go some place else in your mind.

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