Basically, anyone who has toured with Sufjan Stevens and was is in The Polyphonic Spree is going to be one hell of a musician, right? Of course. What you need to know about Annie Clark aka St.Vincent is that she’s amazing. That’s just the start of it. This could be a rant, or I may stay focused with this. I have no idea. Lack of sleep will be the cause of any strange things that may be written down. Sorry? No. Never.

The arrangements in her music are beautiful and manic. Trust me, the two can work very well; mainly in music. Her sound is like a massive panic attack mixed with a wave of joy. It throws you up the air several times, then brings you back down in such a calming way. I am totally and utterly in love, it’s just so beautiful. Her voice, oh bloody hell her voice. It’s strong and gentle; in an Emily Haines kind of way.

Her third album, Strange Mercy was released around two weeks ago. Is it one of this year’s best releases? Yes. Will it get overlooked at the end of the year when “experts” make their Top 10 list? More than likely. It’s so frustrating because this album is just so bloody good. Good isn’t even the right word. It’s beyond words. It’s as powerful as Conatus by Zola Jesus, it’s as honest as Blood Pressures by The Kills and it is as passionate as Skying by The Horrors. She doesn’t sound like any of these artists, I’m just linking her sound to others in a sense of how you hear it; not the exact sound or style. I know what I mean anyway.

As much as I love her debut album, Marry Me there is something more in Strange Mercy. I don’t want to say “mature” because I fucking hate it when anyone says that. It has a more developed sound, that she is more comfortable now. I don’t know. All I know is that Strange Mercy is a stroke of genius.

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