Cities Aviv.

It takes a lot for me to be truly moved by a piece of music, for me to fully love an artist. Nobody wants to hear the same thing they have heard a billion times before. Some do, but I guess they are the ones who think that BBC Radio 1 is the truth and is different. Maybe 20 years ago, not now.

I love Hip Hop, it’s just an honest genre of music that for stupid reasons is slapped with a load of negativity constantly. I think the saviour is here. No trust me on this, please. I believe in this guy because he’s a fan of My Bloody Valentine- one of the best bands ever. Honestly, most that love this band create stunning music. Oh it’s unheard of for a hip hop artist to love a band like My Bloody Valentine? Fuck off, please. Go take your small-minded thoughts elsewhere.

Cities Aviv is THE ONE. Trust me. This guy is the truth, he’s everything. He’s mind-blowing. When I first listened to him, I stopped what I was doing. I had to give him my full attention. It’d be highly rude if I didn’t. I don’t give all my attention to much, but for Cities Aviv; I gave him all my attention. There’s something about him that I’ve, hand on heart, never ever heard before- regardless of the genres of music. He has SOMETHING and I’m probably going to spend months trying to work out what it is.

His sound makes you feel like you are stuck in that Summer mood with tracks such as Float On and Coastin’. Seriously, Coastin’ is just a killer track. You fall in love with it instantly. He’s extremely gifted. When I listened to Dev Hynes’ new project, Blood Orange I felt like I was in the 80s. Specifically New York in the 80s. I listen to Cities Aviv and I get exactly the same feeling. When a current artist can transport you back in time, like they can create that kind offeeling in their music- you know that you’ve quite frankly, found a genius.

His album Digital Lows is incredible. It well and truly is. I remember that feeling I got when I first heard The Weeknd. I couldn’t believe something like this could exist. I get that EXACT same feeling when I listen to Cities Aviv. He’s talent is crazy. Will the UK catch on? I have no idea, all I know is that I’m glad I found his music- please give him a listen. You will not be disappointed.

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