Florence And The Machine-Shake It Out.

You know when you hear a song for the first time and it just captures your soul and steals your heart? When you listen to it, you know decades from now you will feel exactly the same as you did when you first heard this song. It becomes something to you that you cannot describe, because no words can actually sum it up. All you know is that this song owns your heart. It’s become a part of you that NO human being can ever EVER come close to. This song just means the world to you. Maybe you’ve had the worst day ever, or maybe you’ve realised a lot of things about yourself- then you hear this song, and everything has changed. It’s like letting everything and everyone go. Sometimes you have to do it. You just do, for your own sanity. Start doing things for yourself dear reader- because no one else will.

I felt like this as soon as I heard Shake It Out by Florence And The Machine today. I felt like some outer body or religious experience sort of thing had taken me over. I always get this feeling when I hear Flo’s voice. It does something to me that no other artist aside from Morrissey can do. She said in an interview that music should be frightening. She’s right, but her music is comforting. It is dark and euphoric. This live is going to have the same reaction Dog Days Are Over has- when everyone just goes totally mental and lets go of all they feel. They lose themselves in this moment. So euphoric, just sheer bliss.

Lyrically, it’s as beautiful as Cosmic Love. It is also quite vulnerable in some respects. I love the line, “And I am done with my graceless heart.” I just want to hug her again and thank her for that line. I love how she can say the things I wish I could, but I don’t have the guts anymore. I have no doubt in my mind that Ceremonials is going to blow us all away come October 31st. Album of the year? Oh go on then.

Oh and does anyone else agree that she NEEDS to write a book of poetry and make an audio CD of it? When she speaks, it’s as beautiful and as enchanting as when she sings.

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