Wavves/Best Coast.

7 09 2011

I’ve always been told to never work with family or to work with someone you’re involved with. Perfectly good advice, right? If anything seeing the same person every single day and living with them would just make you mad. I don’t care how in love you are, you will reach a point and think, “Why do they exist?” Alright, that’s harsh and I only slightly mean it.

When couples make music together- it never really works out does it. Just look at Ike and Tina. They may have made some amazing music, but the outcome wasn’t exactly loving was it? I’m slowly drifting away from my point.

Nathan from Wavves and Bethany from Best Coast are a couple. Now, if anyone has seen photos and interviews of them together, they will see that they are probably the best couple around right now. I adore Wavves and Best Coast. That lo-fi/surfer feel to their music is just brilliant. I love everything about their music. They don’t change who they are nor do they change their sound to sell records. They make music for their love of music- there’s not many that do that now.

Last night, Wavves premiered a new song that they have recorded with Bethany from Best Coast. Obviously,it is brilliant.

Wavves are set to release the EP, Life Sux on September 20th.



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