The Weeknd.

What’s 21 years old and makes sexy music? I hate the word “sexy.” It’s so tacky isn’t it. Not with this. Oh the answer by the way is, The Weeknd.

The Weeknd is 21 year old Canadian Abel Tesfaye. He’s slightly like James Blake but with soul. A lot more soul. I love James Blake but The Weeknd is on a whole different level to what is around right now. I imagine this is the kind of music you play to a lover or something. I’m starting to sound like either someone’s Grandma or a pervert. I’m neither.

I was aware of his music just before I started listening to James Blake. I heard the name being mentioned on several American music sites I read, so I listened. And with his mixtape causing the internet to go mental a few days ago, I thought now would be a good time to share him with you.

Wicked Games was one of the first songs I heard by The Weeknd. Mind was well and truly blown. Seriously. This isn’t music you lay on your bed thinking about life too. It’s music to play on the nightbus just wanting to get home. It’s got that feeling to it, I can’t explain.

I honestly have no idea if the UK will care about him, they should. But sadly, the media is wrapped up in vile reality shows so anything with real, raw talent is constantly ignored. I’d take someone like The Weeknd over your generic, repetative chart music any day.

I’ll tell you what The Weeknd reminds me of- The xx. It’s dark and atmospheric. Yes the lyrics are sexually charged, but that is by no means a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s fucking brilliant. I just love everything about The Weeknd’s music. The way it’s produced, his voice, the drum machine. Everything and anything. It’s just so utterly perfect. The build-up in all the songs will cause your body to tense up and leave you covered in goose-bumps, like all good music should.

Oh, and he samples Aaliyah’s vocals on What You Need which is just beautiful. She’s my favourite female singer of all time, and he uses her vocals in such a gorgeous way.

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