The Detroit Cobras.

You know that horrible, painfull feeling you get when you stand on a plug when you have no shoes on? That’s how most cover versions make me feel. It’s a terrible feeling and it hurts for a while. You feel sick with pain and rage takes over. There aren’t many cover versions that make me not feel this way. Cat Power is the only one who can make a covers album and make it sound like every song is her own. Maybe it’s because I have this unconditional love and admiration for her. Unlike most, she doesn’t butcher the original. There are so many that have covered songs and just ruined them. There aren’t many who can cover a song well.

The Detroit Cobras formed in 1994. They are a garage rock band with a difference. The difference is that they just do cover songs. None of their own stuff- just covers. As a huge lover of garage rock, I can assure you that this works.

They’ve covered everyone from The Strokes to Solomon Burke to Buddy Holly. I adore the music of both. Their cover of Buddy Holly’s Heartbeat is brilliant. Rachel Nagy’s voice has such an edge to it, yet remains quite angelic. It’s so distinctive. If I could sing like anyone, I’d want to sing like her. Or Emily Kokal from Warpaint.

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