Camera Obscura

Yesterday I took a trip to a local record shop. It’s quite small, but I don’t really like buying my music from certain chain record shops (too expensive etc). So, I was looking through the CDs, I was so tempted to buy some vinyl, but as I don’t have my decks with me right now..I’d have nothing to play them on.

Lookin at me was the brand new Camera Obscura album. I adore this band, simply adore them. I cannot find fault in them. I think everything about them is beautiful. From the music to the lyrics..just beautiful. Seeing the new album right in front of me made me feel quite happy (I’ve got a really bad cold/flu and I’m not sleeping!) I had no idea it was out on Monday! I thought it was next week!

Right now, I think I am listening to one of the best albums of this year. I know it’s only April..but dare I say it, this album is quite summery. Tracyanne Campbell has the most underrated voice in music.

I’m not Scottish, but ya know..I reckon Scottish people make the best music! (This is based on my love for Shirley Manson from Garbage!)

The lead single is French Navy, which is damn good song. I love You Told A Lie and Away With Murder. Just a fantastic album that you need to go out and buy 🙂

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