Royal Chant.

I love Royal Chant for a few reasons. The main one now being that Mark from the band and I earlier bonded over NWA and Ice Cube’s solo work over Twitter. I reckon it would’ve been more entertaining over some whiskey than a screen. But when they come to the UK, I’ll try make it happen. I’ll see if it possible to just do some kind of interview using NWA lyrics. Too be honest, I’d just yell the chorus to Gangsta Gangsta at anyone who would listen.

They’re from Australia, and I think Australia is now catching up with L.A. on the bands I fucking love right now thing I have going on. I don’t have a list. I’m rubbish with lists. And coffee. I’ve had a fair amount of coffee today, and I still want to go back to sleep. It’s 8.05pm..I’m a one girl riot right now, for sure.

I should probably tell you about their music. ROYAL CHANT ARE SO SHIT.

I jest. I love them. I want to hug their music, and spin around and around. Until I collapse in a dizzy haze and nearly vomit. Have you ever done that? Best feeling ever. Some people turn to drugs for this kind of feeling, idiots!

They are influenced by things I love (this is going by their Facebook page) Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Oscar Wilde..and also, running away and bad dancing. These are things I love and things that keep me going. Especially the bad dancing part.

Their debut LP is wonderfully titled, Raise Your Glass And Collapse. Its happened to us all hasn’t it. More than it probably should. They have this outrageous cheery garage rock feel to their music. Can garage rock be cheery? OF COURSE. This is the kind of music you drink whiskey to, and think you are the world’s best dancer. It all comes down to that doesn’t it.

Royal Chant are another band that make me think, “Why aren’t they huge” They have songs that will just so something to your soul (unlike most.) There’s a hint of 90s grunge in the music, there’s the tone of Idlewild lying around. It’s basically everything I love. I’d love to be a dickhead and say, “THIS IS SO 2011.” But that’s not my style, I don’t understand that.

My favourite track has to be (right now, and I will change my mind instantly) is Coughing Fits. I adore the lyrics to it. Lyrics are a massive deal to me. If I can’t connect, I won’t enjoy it. And I do connect to Royal Chant’s fuzzy and distorted sounds. Are they the band to pick up where my beloved Silverchair left off? YES. FUCKING YES. They have that same angsty feel to their sound. I just love them a hell of a lot.

When you can discuss NWA with a band, you know you have found something truly special. Royal Chant are my spirit animals. I don’t know what that means, but I like the sound of it.

Oh and lads, you will see this so can you please come to the UK soon? Thanks.

You can listen to their beautiful music right here :

Bored Awake is now my favourite. Told you I’d change my mind…

Oh, and to quote the band : “The world is rubbish. Let’s get on with it. “