21 12 2013

A while ago I wrote about a band called The Virgin Tongues. A band that are quite dear to me; a band that make music I really really love. A band that RIGHT NOW do need your help. The Virgin Tongues have not had it easy; but aside from those who take the easy way out and go on talentless shows, no band ever really has I suppose. Work for your art.

Whilst recording their debut release in Iceland, singer Duncan fell 32 ft the night before a show. Sustaining multiple injuries including damage to internal organs; he survived. Nothing can stop this band. They are fighters. They are a band to be proud of; a band to back.

They recently launched a fundraising campaign to get the band back together and to finish their debut record. You can read more about it here:¬†–2

The band were kind enough to use the words I’d written about them previously, which is far too kind of them. But that’s the kind of guys they are. Hard-working and caring; there’s no better band to back.

On Christmas Day, Duncan will feature on Ola’s Kool Kitchen. If that isn’t a brilliant name for a radio show, then I have no idea what is. You can follow Ola on Twitter: for more information about times for Duncan’s interview. The show will be broadcasted on the following: Radio23, Rock XS Radio and Magic Monster Radio. The show will¬†also feature Jason Holt from Spectrum. The show will be made up of 5 broadcasts over 3 stations with the first one on Christmas Day (Wednesday.)

Make sure you tune in; support radio and your new soon-to-be favourite band.

Thank you.

The Virgin Tongues.

2 05 2012

Aside from The Kills no other band has really given off that raw sound that the Velvet Underground had. That sound that made you just want to do nothing for a long time, and close your eyes. You feel every bad feeling fall away from you as you lower your body down, and your head leans back. Lose control of your limbs and forget your feelings. Music can make you forget or music can make it easier. Sometimes it does both. Being horrendously tired causes these daft thoughts, and even dafter actions- such as me writing it down.

But I am going somewhere with this.

When I first heard The Virgin Tongues I really thought I was listening to something from the 60s/70s. I didn’t realise I was listening to a band so current. An utterly nostalgic feeling to their music just instantly proves they are a band that should not be ignored. If you dig The Brian Jonestown Massacre (and I’d hug you if I could, serious) then The Virgin Tongues are for you. If you’re someone who finds comfort in a band that cry out in despair, then The Virgin Tongues are for you. They’re a band you listen to whilst driving at night wishing to go some place where no one can find you. I can’t drive, so I have to opt for shutting my eyes instead. I guess it is cheaper. Feeling constantly lost and unsure is something we all face, at some point.

I genuinely sometimes hate how I write because I like to not tell people things, but sometimes a band can just drag an emotional outburst out of you. So go read something else right now if you hate that. Tomorrow my mum is having an operation, I was also meant to be going to a job interview tomorrow. I’ve spent the past week or so in some kind of mess to try work out what the right thing to do is. Do I go to an interview that I’m probably no good for? Or do I go home and be there for the person who means the world to me? I’ve gone for the latter, and I know my mum wants me to go to the interview but..for me? Family first. I always always follow my heart. I’ve never had a positive outcome from doing so. Maybe I should go with my head, but if I do that..well, I don’t know. I always go with my heart because it seems more honest and, I guess it is harder to go with the heart because a heart can break much quicker than your head. It depends I suppose. Anyway,I’ve had The Virgin Tongues on repeat to try make sense. I think it’s worked. Who Cares Right Now builds up and up. As it builds up I can feel all these intense and feelings I don’t want just go away. I like to think I have done the right thing. I can sort anyone else out but not myself. See, if this was happening to someone else- I could help them out. But me? Well, no. It’ll be okay.

Back to the music. Sorry about the outburst.

The Virgin Tongues are based in Berlin. Duncan and Nima met in California. They moved to Berlin and met Michael and before you can say..err…I don’t know..The Virgin Tongues were formed.

It is so easy to fall in love with a band, to give yourself fully to a piece of music because you fully trust in it. It will hurt you at times, but it will also be your rock. Cling on. And cling on with all you got.

I probably haven’t got my point across, but The Virgin Tongues are just fucking incredible. The bring something euphoric and raw. If you’re going to believe in something, then it should be this.