21 12 2013

A while ago I wrote about a band called The Virgin Tongues. A band that are quite dear to me; a band that make music I really really love. A band that RIGHT NOW do need your help. The Virgin Tongues have not had it easy; but aside from those who take the easy way out and go on talentless shows, no band ever really has I suppose. Work for your art.

Whilst recording their debut release in Iceland, singer Duncan fell 32 ft the night before a show. Sustaining multiple injuries including damage to internal organs; he survived. Nothing can stop this band. They are fighters. They are a band to be proud of; a band to back.

They recently launched a fundraising campaign to get the band back together and to finish their debut record. You can read more about it here:–2

The band were kind enough to use the words I’d written about them previously, which is far too kind of them. But that’s the kind of guys they are. Hard-working and caring; there’s no better band to back.

On Christmas Day, Duncan will feature on Ola’s Kool Kitchen. If that isn’t a brilliant name for a radio show, then I have no idea what is. You can follow Ola on Twitter: for more information about times for Duncan’s interview. The show will be broadcasted on the following: Radio23, Rock XS Radio and Magic Monster Radio. The show will also feature Jason Holt from Spectrum. The show will be made up of 5 broadcasts over 3 stations with the first one on Christmas Day (Wednesday.)

Make sure you tune in; support radio and your new soon-to-be favourite band.

Thank you.



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